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Going backwards reversed


With a certain amount of trepidation after my last two completed but disappointing runs of week 8, I ventured out for No. 3 tonight determined to just go out and try and enjoy it. So, with the sound of all the encouraging comments from you lovely lot ringing in my ears, off I went. As usual it took a bit of time settling in, but by the time Mr Johnson (Michael that is, just to save any confusion) told me I was half way through, I realised I was moving along at a comfortable, relaxed pace for a change. Although still tough, not only did I finish the 28 minutes but pushed on for another 2.5. I know I probably shouldn’t of but I’ve done my 1ST 30 MINUTES🤣🤣. Sooooo pleased its put a wee smile on my face😃😃

Thanks again for all the positive comments, they worked 👍👍👍😊

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If I would have had Boris Johnson as my coach, I would have beaten the world record for 5K just to ensure the podcast ended quicker. Aaah Michael Johnson....Nearly there! Keep it up!

That’s great and good to hear you are enjoying it so much

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