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Week 1 done!


I didn’t go for my planned run yesterday since I went for a long (by my current standards) walk with the Teen first thing in the morning, and don’t want to end up regretting my ambition. I’ve spent today looking forward to my run with quiet determination, so tonight I finished work promptly(ish!), asked Mr R to prepare dinner, and out I went.

It’s a beautiful evening - the horizon was just a slightly lighter shade of blue than the rest of the sky as I headed out at 6.30, promising lighter evenings to come. And the once the last light had faded I could see the stars shining down on me.

The route I use at the moment has the first 2-3 runs going uphill - it’s a tough start, but once I’ve done that bit I know it only gets easier! Over the bridge to the edge of the next village, and that’s over half time so cross the road and turn back. Coming back there’s a slight uphill, then my only level run of the eight, and then it’s downhill all the way! 😉 Those last couple of runs were so good, and I really let go in the last one - I didn’t push myself, but stopped holding back. Oh the joy! Just like old times.

So yay, that’s week one done. Roll on Wednesday and the start of week 2. 😊

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Well done! 👍

So lovely to read that

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