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Tingling legs and feet

So... I know to look out for sharp pains and I know that dull aches are normal, but what does it mean if my legs and feet are tingling? I managed two runs already without this, but I just completed w1r3 twenty minutes ago and now I have pins and needles.

They came on just now, not straight away, but this is the first time I have not come home and dropped straight into a bath, so maybe there's that...

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At first I used to get these on the warm-down walk, or when I got home. I have a book about running and it says that repeated compression of some nerves can cause this, but it is nothing to worry about. When I get in from my run now I do some stretches before a bath or shower. I think it helps to keep everything flexible and I haven't had pins and needles for the last few runs.


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