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Am I wrong to start half way through?

I started the program last summer and was doing really well stuck to it and got to week 4 but i fell off track.

Recently I've been trying to get back on track. but not sticking to it very well. I felt like i could start at week 3 and i managed that no problem. although and I'm on week 4 now and going out for my final run of the week today.

I can manage week 4 but its really tough so I'm worried about moving to week 5. Is it a bad idea or should i stick with week 4 for another week? does the program only work if you start from the beginning? I really want to stick to it this time.

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I started on w2 as before I'd heard about this programme (and how good is it?!!!!) I'd started on my own pretty much making it up. I've found each of the weeks pretty tough so if it were me I'd go for w5r1 and see how you get on. You can always repeat that one until you feel comfortable.


Well the key bit to me seemed to me "I can manage week 4".

That's all any of can say, I think you might have answered your own question ;-)


I did exactly the same as you - gave up at week 4 last august and came back to it as a new year's resolution. i started on week three and was amazed at how much fitter just that first failed attempt had made me. like greg_m says above - if you've managed week 4 you have no excuse not to move on :)

(i just did week 5 run 3 a few days ago and am still beaming with pride... you can do it!!).


the thing is you may well be able to run further and faster ,but this plan is built to get your body parts gradually use to running .if you dont do it gradually you may get problems . so my advise is start again .


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