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W7 R1 nice cool weather


Steady 25 mins today and enjoyed it ! Great programme this makes you look forward to the next run. My playlist is mixed but ELO Mr Blue sky , M People Moving on Up and S Club 7 Don’t stop moving - just at the right moments definitely helps 😀

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I ‘think’ I enjoyed it 😂 music can just make the difference sometimes 🎧

Same session as me! Well done on the run and top toones! 🙌🏼✨

I can’t tell if the ‘nice cool weather’ title is sarcastic or not?! It was soo hot and muggy in the midlands this morning!


Yorkshire - cool and cloudy all day 😀 well done to you too 👏 thanks - the music keeps me going. Hopefully for the next 2 runs and into week 8. Not looking beyond that yet 😁

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