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W6 R2 ✅🌧🥶

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•Nice and slow, really slow that it wasn’t difficult, physically I had enough fuel in the tank to speed up at the end.

•Last interval run! 😃

•Last run before my ‘official runner’ run

•Was a drowned rat by the end of it 🌧 but an Olympic puddle hopper 🏃🏼‍♀️

•Tried out my new garmin watch! 🕗 ready for my 25 mins at the weekend 😝 think I’ve got it sussed

•Discovered I spent 70% of my session in HR zone 4

•FULL of self belief but out of energy for the day.

Night gang ✌️

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GO SALLY! You’re smashing it!

Wait, what’s HR Zone 4?

:D thanks!

according to the garmin:

Zone 1 (Warm Up): 50-60% of Max HR

Training in zone 1 feels like a relaxed, easy pace with rhythmic breathing. It improves your heart’s ability to pump blood and your muscles’ ability to use oxygen. Brisk walking is a typical zone 1 exercise.

Zone 2 (Easy): 60-70% of Max HR

Training in zone 2 is at a comfortable pace, where you’re breathing more deeply but can still hold a conversation. It’s good for recovery and basic cardiovascular training. Light jogging typically falls into zone 2.

Zone 3 (Aerobic): 70-80% of Max HR

Zone 3 training is done at a moderate pace, where it’s more difficult to hold a conversation. This strengthens your lungs and heart for more endurance. Easy running is done in zone 3.

Zone 4 (Threshold): 80-90% of Max HR

In zone 4, you’re moving at a fast, almost uncomfortable pace with forceful breathing. It improves anaerobic capacity and lactate threshold. Fast runs fall into zone 4.

Zone 5 (Maximum): 90-100% of Max HR

When you reach zone 5, you typically are at a sprint pace that is difficult to sustain for long. Breathing is labored. Zone 5 training builds power, as well as anaerobic and muscular endurance.

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acountrycabbageGraduate in reply to sally1993

Ah, Heart Rate. Wow, so sounds like you’re really pushing yourself but remaining comfortable, that’s great!

What distance/speed are you doing overall? I’m fairly happy that I’m close to covering 4K on week 4 so it’s about to get interesting 😊

I might have to grill you about your Garmin later down the line. I’d definitely like something and I’m torn between this and the Apple Watch. Going to hold off until I feel like a runner though. Probably graduation time as a reward 😬

I think that's a good description! I am trying to remain comfortable but constantly reminding myself to slow down because I keep pushing.

Honestly, very slowly apparently yesterday! I'll post a pic x

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Well done great progress. Treat The next runs exactly the same slow and easy having plenty of fluids. Good luck.

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sally1993 in reply to Papillon17

Thank you! X

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Good on you girl go for it😁

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sally1993 in reply to Smile23

:D thank you!!!

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Well done Sally , looks like your doing great !

Ooh and a new Garmin watch 😬👍 enjoy!

You'll smash the 25 mins, remember just keep your pace under control 👍

Thank you! Yes I wanted something for the longer runs, I got the 45s, looked like a more affordable option.

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Instructor57Ambassador in reply to sally1993

Great choice, exactly what I have 😂


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Instructor57Ambassador in reply to sally1993

Haha 😬😬

Sounds like you have just the attitude (and gear) needed for the next run, great work! Though you may find zone 3 is more sustainable!

Thank you! Yes I think I will try and keep it a bit lower I have heard zone 3 is a good place to train x

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Well done for getting out there...you are a runner already. Love the statement system. Go you!

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sally1993 in reply to Nilsam

Awww thank you, I was too tired to form sentences hahaha! That's lovely :) Nice to be told I'm already a runner.

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NilsamGraduate in reply to sally1993

You are doing great. :-)

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Well done 👍 Next run and you’re a runner! 🏃‍♂️ Loving reading your journey - you have oozed positivity since the beginning but you’ve really changed the way you write about running - have you noticed?! 😉

I just had a read back! It's like the evolution of a new runner :D Thank you really glad to hear you've liked reading about it <3 As have I all of yours x

You've got it. Having fuel in the tank at the end is exactly correct keep doing it that way and you will smash it-- without

Any injuries.


Thank you so much, I will do my best to keep at it like this! X

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I’m right behind you W6R2 today, but will wait for new running shoes to be delivered. Never believed I would be buying running shoes at 63 years old.

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sally1993 in reply to tonybobo

Good luck today! Enjoy the new shoes :D mine got ruined in the rain yesterday.. x

Stuff them with paper, keep away from any heat and wait 4-5 hours and restuff if necessary.

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Proper shirt. I love that. 👍 Nice running too!

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sally1993 in reply to mrrun

😂 was waiting for comments on the shirt!! X

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mrrunGraduate in reply to sally1993

Although l run exclusively by wearing the NBA basketball gear, on special occasion I will wear similar top to the one that you have and run deep into the enemy territory.

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sally1993 in reply to mrrun


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Well done! 😀

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