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Week 6. Run 3. Nervous :(

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Week 6. Run 3. Scheduled for tomorrow. So nervous. I have to jog/run for 23 hours, well 23 minutes but may as well be hours. I have chose a route with not too many inclines. My last jog/run ended up going up a huge hill (huge from bottom lol). Wish me luck x

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Good luck and good choice to avoid inclines! I actually found as the weeks progressed (about to start W7) that I preferred to keep running at a steady, comfortable pace than to alternate between running and walking. That said I still pleased when Laura tells me ‘that’s it, you’ve done it’ 😅

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It's 25 minutes, not 23.

Don't let the gremlins tell you otherwise. You're ready for it.

Oh my gosh. That’s even worse lol x

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If you wish to run for 25 hours, so be it, no, that should be 25 minutes, take that run slow and steady like you did with run 3 of week 5, once you have completed it you will be officially a runner, something to be very proud of, so don't be too nervous. 😊 🏃🏾

I can do this. :) x

Hi, good luck with your run tomorrow... it really is doable! When you start think slow...Then if necessary go slower. This really is the way to go...I was exactly the same and still am, remember Slow and Slower...

You Can Do This! 😊🏃🏻‍♀️

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Thank you. I am sure I see snails overtaking me sometimes ha ha x

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😂🤣it feels slow but it’s comfortable...I just keep going, folk tell me my pace is good! 🏃🏻‍♀️

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You can do this. Just go slow and listen to your coach. One foot infront of the other be in the moment and you will be finished in no time😁

I must admit I feel like Laura is my personal friend. Don’t laugh.... just checked on utube how fast is a slow jog..... think I doing ok. Fingers & toes crossed for morning x

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Smile23Graduate in reply to DawnFreshStart

Look at japanese slow running. It works

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