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Week 4, Run 1 (and 7lb weight loss!)

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Well today I did my 1st run of week 4 and I will be honest, it went great but the last 5 mins I had to fight it to get through it, but when I did it - OH WOW! was amazing ! was the same feeling as finishing my 1st run.

Now only that was good, yesterday I weighed myself and I have lost since running in the 3 weeks so far a total of 7lb!...i've cut down on my unhealthy food and still have the odd treat and feeling great.

Ready to bring on run 2 !

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Can imagine that last five minutes was a killer! I’m w3r1...25 minutes running seems out of reach but then so did 3 minutes. Well done!

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AdieJGraduate in reply to harry548

Thank you - if someone told me a month ago i would be running a few times for 5 whole minutes i would have laughed!....now I'm planning my next run route and music for tomorrow ! keep it up too - its a fab program.

❤️ the pic! Yey you! Well done on cutting back on unhealthy food too, I’m still munching the choc and regretting it whilst pounding the pavements ha

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AdieJGraduate in reply to

haha ! I do have a little nibble at times - my mind set is, if i have none at all - then i will have a bad day and eat lots !....so a nibble, or just a square of dark chocolate (as dark is better for you - had dark Toblerone the other week - was nice!)

The runs have changed my whole mindset too - doing the runs are so rewarding, i daren't spoil it ! - and I have worked as a corporate DJ and in events all my life and not eating the crew food which is full of fat due to all my work stopped due to covid, has had one good result from all of this. I have lost all my work....my bank is running out.....getting no government support.....so what the hell! I might as well have the most important thing - my health. - keep it up too

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nowsterGraduate in reply to

The key to continuing to enjoy chocolate whilst not overdoing it is to get some good quality dark chocolate and savour just a few squares of it.

Paradoxically, this doesn't have to be the most expensive. Lidl and Aldi chocolate is made to German standards and is very high in quality. Their milk chocolate actually contains milk. Morrisons and Sainsbury's own brand dark chocolate is good too, though slightly more expensive.

I've given up on Cadbury's: too much bulking out with palm oil to replace cocoa butter and/or milk fats.

Well done you should be very proud!!

That is a huge achievement.


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AdieJGraduate in reply to ningHaddie

Thank you - was shocked!...had to reset the scales twice to make sure they were ok !.lol

Great pic and looks like a lovely place to run. You look so elated 😀

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AdieJGraduate in reply to alislim

Thank you ! I was !! a great feeling

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The picture is amazing!! So much joy!

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AdieJGraduate in reply to BexJogs

Still smiling today !!! thank you.

Well done you, that’s great! Keep going!

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AdieJGraduate in reply to RunNewForestRun

thank you so much - these comments are 50% of the run, all helps me to keep going. People around me laugh at me etc......but this group is my therapy and helps keep me going. Thank you.

in reply to AdieJ

They don’t understand the hell that this prog can be and the effort required to stick with it! And to be choosing healthier options at the same time. I take my hat off to you!

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AdieJGraduate in reply to

Thank you , This group is amazing.....thank you for your comments - amazing x

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RoxdogGraduate in reply to AdieJ

Oh I hope no one laughs at you! You deserve respect!

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AdieJGraduate in reply to Roxdog

Hi ya, some do - but guess what, I see through it now....id rather be confident and on the road to being healthier and fitter.....this group is where I come for my well done's and my boost!!! the run is 50% of the fun....and this group is the other 50%, i believe we all need this group. The more you put in, the more we all get out.

I used to go to slimming world and the group was a huge part, but I never had the buzz I get from doing my run blogs on here and reading other people stories.....its BIGGER than MASSIVE as i used to say as a kid ! haha.....keep safe Roxdog, your comments are lovely.

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RoxdogGraduate in reply to AdieJ

I swear the forum is the reason I'm still running! 60 years old with dodgy knees and always hated running! What has happened to us all!

Gorgeous running route! And week 4 is my nemesis. I got injured on week 4 earlier in the year (slipped on a banana skin) so went back to the beginning again and finally made it back here! Those 5 min runs are tough but did w4r3 and they have got easier!

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AdieJGraduate in reply to Sqg1989

Thank you ! great to hear they get easier, each 1st run of then new week is hard and yes they do - i never thought I could do 2 mins !!

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Great running and the photo says it all👍😁

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AdieJGraduate in reply to MontyMooDog

Loved it !.....thank you.

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Fantastic! Remember to slow down as the runs get longer. It’s not about pace, it’s about finishing the run 💪🏽

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AdieJGraduate in reply to Tasha99

Thanks - yeah, keeping it steady as I can, watched some runners go past me the yesterday and they had a nice steady pace - was nice.

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Omg that great on all fronts!!!

Just go slower and you will succeed 😁

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AdieJGraduate in reply to Smile23

Thank you - really appreciate you commenting, means a lot.

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Smile23Graduate in reply to AdieJ

Yes its a good feeling when someone else takes time to comment/help. Thats what I really like about this forum. The lack of negativity 😁

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AdieJGraduate in reply to Smile23

Its 50% of the whole program and the thing I love about it is how I come on every time to say how I have done and the whole group inspires me with replies, peoples stories on why, how and help...I have had a terrible year of work stopping for me due to covid and not a clue when events will happen again.

I have had one paid job since March 12th and my unit rent, mortgage, family, vehicles are draining me....with no money coming in, no support from the government then the only thing I know I can gain from this is better health and its been the pick me up i needed. I started suffering bouts of depression and my mental health has took a nose dive for the first time in my life.

Running and this group has possibly saved me from nose diving even further - so thank you and everyone else.

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Smile23Graduate in reply to AdieJ

Adie so sorry to hear you are having a difficult time. Its been awful.

You are doing the right thing and looking after you. I applaud you for that.

Keep running. Try and keep positive and keep us updated 👏👏👏

Awesome pic Adie, well done!

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AdieJGraduate in reply to acountrycabbage

Thank you !!! Was a big feeling moment!....loved it !

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Well done on both your running and weight loss !

Great work 😁👍👏👏👏

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AdieJGraduate in reply to Instructor57

Thank you so much.......start of the journey, looking forward to the rest!

Wow amazing!I’ll do my week 4, running 1, I have to say I’m worried that I’m not going to be able to do it but I’m want to challenge myself to see how far I can go so far I’m enjoying and this morning was raining I felt so good running under the rain IT WAS GREAT😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 have a lovely day

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AdieJGraduate in reply to DancinStat1

Well done you ! - each new week is a huge challenge, but each one is huge achievement. I have not had a moment of wanting to stop yet - I find it hard at times....but then I get into the zone of nearly getting to the goal and my walk is my reward when im told to walk!

Keep it up - its a great thing ! and good luck

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Are you running on the beach itself? Round here it's uphill both ways. 😉

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AdieJGraduate in reply to nowster

Hi ya, thanks for the comment. I run on it when its dry! its quite compacted when it's dry and easy to run on. I tend to go down the roads/paths and when I hear bell! I then head towards the beach. Loving it. When I am back home, I run around the industrial estates around 7pm ish as its quiet and no one around at all. Soon I will start planning new routes etc, we have some great lakes around where we live, so its worth having a drive out and running around nice parks etc. Im really excited on planning all this !

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nowsterGraduate in reply to AdieJ

When you get beyond Week 6 it is helpful to vary the route. I have found it good to mix flatter and hillier routes. Just don't get too lost or have your finish point too far from the start! 😉

I was pleasantly surprised that this had had a positive effect when the hills I encountered this morning didn't kill me. A couple of weeks ago they would have done.

Like you, I've had a bit of weight loss. I'm currently about 3.5kg lighter (82kg to 78.5kg) than I was at my heaviest three to four months ago. That's similar to your 7lb loss. I'm now using a notch on my trouser belt that's never seen use before.

I'll be interested to see whether there's been any change to my cholesterol levels when I have my next blood test. I've been borderline high.

A little bit of caution: Week 4 can be a mixed bag. A few people have found the later runs in the week to be harder than the first one. Don't be put off if you have a tough run — having survived Week 4, Week 5 is a comparative oasis of calm.

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I love your posts because you always sound and look so happy and healthy! Well done you - you are storming through the programme and if you are already feeling the benefits that will motivate you to continue!

Take it slow and steady and have lots of fun. Keep smiling!

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AdieJGraduate in reply to Roxdog

Thank you so much - this has given me a massive boost to my life! I never thought it would - the amazing feeling I get is like winning the jackpot every time.

At the end of the run i actually pump the air with joy that I have done it and I do not care who see's !!! haha !

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RoxdogGraduate in reply to AdieJ

Oh I've punched the air a few times when I've achieved something awesome!

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Well done AdieJ, great pic which says it all, it’s a mental battle as much as a physical one, but as you say the feeling when you’ve done it can’t be beaten....7lb weight loss too 👍 I’ve found I tend to eat healthier now as i look at what I’m eating as fuel to make me run better, different mind set. Have to treat yourself sometimes though 😋

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AdieJGraduate in reply to Couchphoenix

Thanks for the comment, and yes you are 100% right. My treats do tend to be healthy anyway - I love grilled chicken and veg and my youngest who is 6, he loves vegetable sticks and low fat humous - I love porridge, fruit etc.

My downfall was my job which has stopped due to covid - that in events we had fatty crew food a lot, so now ive taken the downside of work and my mental health to fight this and enjoy it with health.

ps, I will have a couple of Gin & Tonics tonight though !

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JensterJam in reply to AdieJ

You’re doing fantastic x

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Best picture of the week! 😄 Love it! 😊If Tinytears is our poster girl, you should definitely be our poster boy! Your pic sums up C25K to a “T”! 😁👏🏻 Don’t lose heart, this programme will be the making of you and from this great things will come! Keep running, keep posting, we’re all behind you! 😊👍🤸‍♂️

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AdieJGraduate in reply to Gannet1

haha ! Thank you so so much !.. these comments mean the world to me....its kind of like a therapy of what the year has been.....and you guys give me the boost to do it. So far i have managed to do each run....im praying this continues....if I ever do find a run hard - i swear on my life I will not give up.

Thanks again - I really mean it.

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Well done Adie. Week 4 already! That’s gone quick. Another 4 weeks and you’ll only have your graduation week to go. Imagine how amazing that will feel?

Keep it up, you’re doing great 👏👏👏👏

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AdieJGraduate in reply to Mamma_Mayhem

Thank you so much ! I know, if someone told me 8 weeks ago I would be doing this I would have laughed!!....if someone told me 4 weeks ago I would have done 4 weeks I would have said " yeah right !" .....the amazing feeling this has given me has given me my 'MoJo' back and wow is it good ! Im looking forward t the next 4 weeks....4 months.....4 years.....4ever.

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7lbs? Thats amazing, keep it up, but be aware that speed of loss may be why the you are fighting to get through the last 5 minutes, but at the same time, its better to lose the wieght, 100%.

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AdieJGraduate in reply to Dorian1

Hi ya, thanks for the message. Yeah today was a different story !...ill post that soon - was an amazing run today! keep running.

Fantastic pic Adie! Really proud - you’re doing so well!! Keep going!!

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AdieJGraduate in reply to JensterJam

haha !....everyone - the is my Wife! I am hoping to get her on this program so she can join me on this amazing Journey xxxx I will keep going .....im more determined with this than anything I have done in a long time xxx

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JensterJam in reply to AdieJ

Just being supportive my dear x

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Gannet1Graduate in reply to JensterJam

Are you a little tempted?? Just planting seeds. 😊 🌱🏃‍♀️👍

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