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Best running socks?

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Does anyone have any recommendations for running socks? My feet get very hot and sweaty. Currently using Karrimor cushioned ones. Thanks ☺️

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I use balega socks. They have wool in them which helps your feet stay cool.

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Sharklet69Graduate in reply to Lynne1916

Thanks, I'll have a look at them

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My brother swears by SmartWool.

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Sharklet69Graduate in reply to GoogleMe

Thanks, I'll have a look at some.

I have issues with hot feet and hands so only got to week 2 before searching some running socks out. I didn’t want to spend much in case I didn’t last it out. I got some More Miles ones from amazon. I love them actually. They’re really comfy and three different shapes so you can see which ones suit you best. They’ve really cooled my feet down.

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Sharklet69Graduate in reply to Magicfairy11

Thanks, I did look at those. Think part of the problem is there are so many and some are fairly expensive so didn't want to make a costly error.

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I love the more miles they keep my feet cool and have sizes to fit my pixie feet. 2-5. I prefer the low cut ones😁

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Sharklet69Graduate in reply to Smile23

Thanks. Off shopping today so will look out for them.

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Magicfairy11 in reply to Smile23

I like the low cut ones aswell. I have 3 and keep wearing the same pair 😆

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Smile23Graduate in reply to Magicfairy11

Me too! Mine are pretty pink😁

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Decathlon have a good selection although i brought mine online from Acsis.

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I am currently running in some thick microfibre toe socks. My feet are getting wet but I'm not feeling cold. (How I feel about this in winter will be another matter.)

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