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Running and weight loss

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Anyone following a calorie controlled diet? Just started with my fitness pal, running x 3 a week (on week 8) and eating 1500-1800 cals/day. Anyone done anything similar and what were the results. Thanks x

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I've been keeping a vague but not very rigorous check on my intake with myfitnesspal since starting W4 back in early May.

By vague, I mean I tracked stuff religiously for the first month but without stressing over whether I was over or under target - it was more a case of adjusting my awareness than hitting numbers. Since then I've been tracking the odd couple of days each week just to see how I'm going.

Overall effect over the past 9 weeks has been 4kg lost, so a little under the 0.5 per week I set it up for but it's been REALLY easy to keep losing without stressing over the odd treat.

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C1984Graduate in reply to Thatwasunexpected

Thank you, that’s really helpful. I’m not terrible strict, just trying to keep check of portion control.

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Yes! Pretty much same intake. Doing walks on run rest days, with usually 1 day with no specific exercise planned. On week 8 Ct5k and on week 6 of healthy eating.

Happy with weight loss so far (total lost 3.5kg)

Not following a specific food plan, eating same as rest of family - checking portion sizes and cutting out unnecessary snacking.

I am convinced that the running is having a very positive effect. Not just burning off energy but it’s a great motivation.

I have quite a lot of weight to lose to be at a healthy weight and am expecting it to take probably 12 months to achieve.

Looking forward to improving my running.

My brother just done something similar to this. (He’s a established runner doing anything from 5K to 15k). Running has helped him with weight too.

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C1984Graduate in reply to juliemacd1

Thank you! Portion control is my real aim, I might add in a little low impact exercise on test days.

Running will certainly help with weight loss if you're eating an appropriate diet, but "calorie counting" will have mediocre results at best. You need to eat to appetite, especially when exercising; if you don't, the most likely outcomes are:

a) You'll feel driven to binge on precisely those things that make you fat (sweets and carbs)

b) Your metabolic rate will reduce, making you less able to shift fat and less able to cope with the demands of exercise

c) You will be in a constant state of stress, making you more prone to infections (colds etc)

In any case, it's a largely meaningless ritual. It's impossible to estimate either your calorie intake or your calorie requirement to better than about +/-30%. Your own body knows what it needs, and there's no need to override its decisions.

If you're eating healthy food, you will lose bodyfat. The corollary is: if it's not happening, you're not eating healthy food.

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C1984Graduate in reply to TheAwfulToad

Thanks, I’m not feeling hungry. I do eat well just really want to keep check if portion control and macros really.

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juliemacd1Graduate in reply to TheAwfulToad

I guess it what works best for an individual. Eating to appetite as you put it is, IMO, the reason I put on weight. The rigmarole of logging what I eat helps me focus and helps me make better choices and think more carefully about quantity.

But it’s what works best for each person.

I really hope it works for you. It hasn’t for me. Have a very good diet and run 20k a week but no weight loss! I am toning though but have actually gained a bit which I have read is normal. I guess it’s the muscle building!

I've been calorie counting since the 4th of May. In 10 weeks I've lost almost 17lbs. I'm on week 8 just now.

I eat 1800 cals a day.

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juliemacd1Graduate in reply to Fifitrixiebell73

Thanks a superb effort. Well done.

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C1984Graduate in reply to Fifitrixiebell73

Amazing! Great work!

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