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Consolidation runs coming up...!


I've just graduated (so I'm a newbie here) and I'm now going to start my consolidation runs. I'm really nowhere near 6mins/km (more like 8!), so I do feel like a bit of a fraud, I must admit!

I'm wondering if the way to go is to stick to 30 mins and allow my pace to naturally increase as my fitness improves?

Can anyone offer any advice? Sorry, I could be the hundredth person to ask this!!

Thanks, and hello to everyone!!

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Hi Squidge1504, Consolidation runs are normally 30 mins to begin with, as running for this length of time is still relatively new to you. Having done this for several weeks I now run 5k with a view to improving my time. Also for a change and a bit of fun I’ve used an interactive running app called Run Zombie Run, I’ve put details of this on a previous post, have a look, it’s good and it’s free. I’ve also downloaded the Nike Running Club app, which looks good, but yet to try it....hope this helps and gives you some food for thought 👍


Welcome andcongratulations on your graduation, fellow runner.

This guide to post C25k running may be helpful

Keep running, keep smiling.


Hello! I graduated a good few weeks back now and was running for 30mins but only getting to like 4.2k, I kept going with 30min runs for a few runs and then randomly felt good running one day and went for the 5k, it took me 39min.

I am now running 40min a time and 5k and just over seems to be my new norm.

I use the Nike run app and today I listened to Paula Radcliffe talking me through my run 👌

Don't feel like a fraud, you're doing this, I think endurance is better than speed! X


Thanks guys, I feel a bit better now!! It's not just me!! :)


Don’t be sorry, advice is what we’re all here for, to help one another. It’s pretty much up to you what you do next. As long you’re doing at least 30 mins 3 times a week. I personally went for distance of time, I ran a couple of 4K and 5K three times so far. Happy running 😊

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