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Brooks - hole appearing


My beloved Brooks running shoes have a hole appearing where my big toe is 😔 - do I carry on and see how long they last or so I need a new pair straight away? I’ve had them 11 months but was hoping they would last longer than that..

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I would have thought that your shoes would have lasted longer than 11 months before a hole appeared, I have had a pair of Brooks Glycerin 16 Running shoes for now over a year, of course it depends how much running you have ran, I have run over 300Km in that year, if it had been 600Km a hole might have appeared, perhaps you have ran 600Km or more in which case it would probably be better saying goodbye and buying a new pair of shoes. 😊 🏃🏾

SlothgoesrunningGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Thanks Al. Around 300k done. I think it’s just the toe nail - the point up slightly so even if I keep them nicely trimmed it’s eventually an issue on a shoe with a mesh upper. At least that is the conclusion I have come to. 👟

davelinksGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Al, the Brooks Glycerine 17 are in the sale at up and running, with a fair chunk off the full price.

I have the 16s also, good shoes, I had to get them 2 sizes up..


Hope this link helps, I stole it when it was posted last week...I've just ordered new Brooks Ghost 12s off the back of it, my not so old Ghost 11s are just under 11 months old, I was hoping for longer too, a year would be good. I have run around 430 miles on them and seem to be getting a few niggles so thought a new pair was sensible.

SlothgoesrunningGraduate in reply to Run46

This is really helpful thanks Run46. My GTS19’s seem fine but I’m definitely keeping an eye on the mid sole after watching this. There are lines..


Think you might need to go up a size?

SlothgoesrunningGraduate in reply to Newbie59

These shoes are the biggest shoes I’ve ever worn - I thought the man in the shop was mad at the time but realised very quickly he was spot on. It’s only a small hole so hopefully life in them yet.

Newbie59Graduate in reply to Slothgoesrunning

ha ha, me too. Mine are like boats!


I have Brooks GTS17 and GTS19 runners. The 17’s had a reinforced toe to prevent holes appearing. The 19’s don’t. I have a few small holes in the fabric of the toes on my GTS19’s. But they have done 940 Km’s of running in the past year. The little holes will appear, but they don’t spread or get any bigger. They are only on the fabric.

I’m buying new running shoes hopefully on Monday.


SlothgoesrunningGraduate in reply to damienair

I think they have life left in them yet but no harm in looking at new ones 😉. Make sure you share pic of your new buy!

damienairGraduate in reply to Slothgoesrunning

Cheers I will.


That’s a long time to have a pair of shoes 😶

But I guess it depends on how much you run in them.


It is a good idea to buy shoes when you see a bargain.........if you are a skinflint like me......that way you can alternate shoes and they can last for years.

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