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Made a start


Week 1, Run 1 Dragged myself to the park this morning - a day late - didn’t fancy the rain yesterday- and made a not bad start after a trial last week. Managed to run a bit more than I expected, but not all of it, but the walk but was definitely not brisk while I caught my breath lol!!

But I made it to the end without collapsing which is huge achievement for me and at least I have started ..

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Congratulations on starting C25K with run 1 of week 1 and welcome to the forum, glad that you enjoyed your run and never collapsed, take all the runs slowly, you can repeat any runs or week's if you wish to, don't run on consecutive days as that could cause a injury, good luck, onwards and upwards to run 2 of week 1.


Are you trying to run too fast DuranLass? Slow it right down next time out and make sure you drink plenty of water all the time. Check out the pinned post for newbies on this site- it will give you all the essential stuff you’ll need to get you through C25K! Good luck!

Not fast at all ... couldn’t if I tried lol - very slow easy pace


Welcome to the forum and well done making a start.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

and includes advice on pacing, minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

Repeat any session you do not fully complete after a rest day, then have another go but at a pace at which you can hold a conversation.

Enjoy your journey.

Thank you

Hi everyone I’m very new to run or to any group. I really wants to improve my health so have joined couch to 5k. Today, I started week 1 day 1. Feel really good. Hope you stay motivated with you all.


Love it!.... Well done!... and you thought about a trial run!.. that's fab idea... I wish i had thought of that!.. Best of luck for the rest of week 1.. slow and steady.. walk if required and stay on the week until you are comfortable but seriously!.. chuffed for you :-)


Welcome and very well done getting started. Huge achievements and little victories will come run after run... keep crossing those start lines and you will succeed. You can do this... enjoy your journey

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