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Proud moment


So tried a run that I wanted to tackle which is sleive croob in co down. My face lit up when my 11 year old son said he would do it with me. True to his word we did. The wife and daughter walked it and carried the water lol. So chuffed to do it and now food for thought as I think I could do it quicker and add a bit more in. I'm more proud that I done it with my son. 😁😁😁

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That's a good run for you and your 11 year old son, congratulations to both of you, our friend Damien also has a 11 year old son, perhaps the four of you could meet up and have a nice run together.

I looked up that hill Sleive Croob on Google Maps, it shows a photo of the surrounding beautiful views you get from the top, on a very clear day a climber might be able to see Scotland in the distance, when I visited N. Ireland many years ago on a very clear day I could see my home country of Scotland way in the distance.

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I think you can. Couple people have told me that. I've lived in Donaghcloney for 13 years and it's only 8mile away from me and it's the 2nd time I've been up it. I wish I took my phone to get a few pics, the views where amazing today


Nice one Johnny.

How brilliant to be running with your son........great bonding and memories for life.

Running with your son is the best thing, and having rest of family out too is perfect I’m pleased for you and glad it was a good run

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