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After C25K.


Aha, there was I, only at the start of W3, and already thinking about what to do next. Then I happened upon the structured runs provided by this wonderful program for after C25K. So, maybe never mind about Nike Run. I’ll stick with this and see what happens.

Hope you’re all good. And all new members, welcome and stay with it. It’s pretty brilliant. You cannot do better. You can do this!!!!

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Join the other forum and bridge to 10k 👍🏽

Where do I find it please?

in reply to NikonikoFred

Click on communities and you’ll see the bridge to 10k forum. There is a plan in the pinned posts.


When you announce your graduation I will send you a link to a guide to post C25k running.

If you cannot wait, it is sitting in the FAQ Posts, which you will find in the Pinned Posts.

Thanks, I’m a patient sort.

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