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Ankle pain


Since completing my second consolidation run on Sunday I have been having some discomfort on the inside of my left ankle. It feels like it is bruised as though I have kicked something. The good news is it is not swollen and I have no problems walking. I run on a mixture of surfaces around a country park. I don't think I twisted my ankle as I had no pain while running but I cannot be sure that I didn't step awkwardly. I'm icing my ankle and using Ibuprofen gel and have lovely new shoes. I'm not due to run until Friday so I'll have to see how it goes. I'll delay my run if necessary. Its annoying as I have a week off next week so was planning to run on a few days. Will have to wait and see.

Does anyone have any advice as to exercises I could do to strengthen my ankles?

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Did the ankle pain arrive after wearing your new shoes?

If so, it might be advisable to alternate your shoes to allow you and them to break int o one another.

Pop over to the Strength and Flex forum and see what they can offer you.

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Many thanks for your response. The discomfort did start after wearing my new shoes. I have ran in them twice. I didn't relate it to the shoes. I'll definitely alternate them for a while. I did put it down to landing funny as it is only 1 ankle but I suppose I do need to get used to the shoes. They do feel a lot different to my old shoes.

I'll definitely pop over to the strength and flexible forum. I want to continue running as I have got the addiction now.

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