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Beginner time.


5k in 40 mins? I was happy but now feel deflated after workmates mocked this time. Its the second one, first one took 41mins

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Don’t be deflated!! 40mins is awesome! I’d be so happy with that and you deserve to feel proud. So ALL your workmates can run 5k in 30mins and only started running when you did? I’m guessing not so ignore them, they’re opinion of you is irrelevant. You deserve to be impressed with yourself, what you have achieved is what so many of us on here are still only wishing and hoping for. The only targets worth worrying about are the ones you set for yourself so keep going and if a 30min 5k is what you want, you will get there.

I really get annoyed by people who put others down to make themselves feel better about their own lack of achievement, there is enough joy and success in the world for everyone, we should empower others not tear them down. Tell your workmates to ‘jog on!’ (Pun intended but if I wasn’t being careful not to offend I’d definitely use stronger words 🤬)

Just know that everyone who reads your post will feel as cross about it as I do! We got your back 😉

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One of the best posts I've ever read on here, 100% agree with every word!!

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Foxyblue couldn’t put it better myself!

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Great reply 👍👌👏.

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yes, I agree - tell you workmates to "Jog on". Well done you. It's absolutely fantastic what you have achieved. Remember how the first week felt.... you have have achieved so much. Be proud.

I agree and was about to say the same: "So ALL your workmates can run 5k in 30mins and only started running when you did? I’m guessing not so ignore them, they’re opinion of you is irrelevant. "

Well done

I am very impressed

Keep going you will be fitter and faster on your own pace

You are not a follower

Unique individual person

You have inspired me to start the run

Here’s to success !!!



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Absolutely! great reply, I can’t wait till I can do 5 k in 40 min, It takes me 32mins to run 3 k at the moment but I’m so please I can do that, as I’m in week 6 but in the first week I couldn’t run far at all,

keep going you’re doing fab !


Your workmates are idiots. There's many of us on here who have graduated but not done 5k yet, many more of us would struggle to run for 40 mins. 5k in forty minutes is a great achievement 👏🎉🏃‍♂️👏, you should be very proud of yourself. You also knocked 60 secs off your previous 5k, which is another great achievement🏃‍♂️👏🎉.

Keep running regularly, your times will improve but the most important thing is that you're exercising regularly. 👍🍀🏃‍♂️👏


Firstly... they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Second... i don’t think that they’re runners... runners tend to be positive around new runners... any barracking about times comes much later in friendly competition.

Third... if they’re not runners, I’d love to come see them run 5k faster than you tomorrow. If they managed that then I’d need to see them repeat it in Wednesday with aching legs.

Fourth, and finally for them, show them this. This is a woman who struggled to get sub 60 for 5k... she’s awesome though.

Now, to the important person... you. Running should be a relatively selfish sport. Your running is all about you. That 5k... that’s 3.11 miles... the average person can’t run 1. You could run a race against 3 average people one after the other, beat them and still have 0.11 miles left to dance around rubbing their noses in it. 🤣

5k is 5k... it’s not an easy run... you’re a new runner and your fitness is still rising. It’ll continue to do so for 2-5 years. If you choose to get faster, there’s plenty of time. You may choose not to... you may choose to go further... let’s see what those fools make of your 10k, HM and marathon times eh? Or you can choose to run for fun and happiness. Actually, that last one is the only choice and then the others are options!

Numbers... bloody numbers. They’re nice and all... but when they come together they can be trouble. There’s a much more important set of numbers that no device can show you... rate how a run felt 1-10... rate how great it feels to be able to run 5k 1-10... rate how much happier you are since starting your journey 1-10. If you’re at 3 we need to change things up... 15+ and who cares what the other numbers say?

My 5k PB is 10 minutes faster than my comfortable 5k pace... I’d run the comfortable one every day if I could... PB attempts, maybe 2/3 a year... I really love just running.

Forget what others say, it’s about you. Join a running club, they’ll have people just like you.

Run happy... stay awesome.

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Great post and great reply. I totally agree. Your work mates are not runners. A real runner would congratulate you. I’m friendly with runners who can run sub 15 minutes 5K and run 10K as fast as I can run 5K. If they were your work mates you’d spend your lunch breaks talking about all things running related. Running is a very personal journey.


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15 minute 5K 😳

I think that pace would kill me.


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Here here, totally agree with all the replies. Keep running at your own pace, for your health and well being. Your workmates obviously have NO idea about running or being supportive, so when folk talk rubbish, just tune them out. You are doing great 👍 and don't let anyone make you feel otherwise 😊. Sorry really annoys me when humans behave badly 😠

You work with idiots.

I'd also hazard a guess that few, if any, of them could actually run 5k at all. For the simple reason that virtually NO real runner would try to put down someone else's efforts like that. They would just be supportive of the fact you're doing it and delighted for you at the progress you've made.

I mean, Michael freaking Johnson got onboard as one of the voices of this. Unless they're better / more experienced than him they can wind their necks in :)

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Michael's voice is what got me through :)


You are fantastic! Tell your workmates to take a long run off a short pier - or something a little stronger if you’d prefer 🤣.

Well done on your fantastic achievement!

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Thank you!

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Doubt they'd make it to the end of a short pier without a fag break.... ;)

Incidentally, Healthline (who are generally pretty reliable on global figures) suggest average 5k for a 50-54 y/o woman is around 41 1/2 minutes, which puts 40mins slightly "above average" and something to be really chuffed with :)

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Wow, I'm 52 very soon.

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I know - snuck a look at your profile before checking the figures ;)

Really, 40 mins is great regardless of that. 6000-odd steps, without stopping, at 2 and a half steps every second. That's pretty phenomenal!

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Great info!

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The nice thing about healthline is their statistics tend to be from "all sources" rather than runner specific ones, so reflect what people new to things can expect a little better than, say, parkrun or dedicated running site figures.

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Made me feel great... my PB beats all of those 🤣 and my average time isn’t too shabby either!

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yeah, but with your history you probably should be using this table instead.... :P

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Back in the day I could have qualified for the 1500, on a great day, after a little surgery 🤣. That was long ago though!

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It really is quite scary when you look at those times just to be allowed to turn up and get criticised if you don't win - 27 minutes something for a 10k???

And that 5k qualifier works out at about a 15.8 second hundred metres, which is hardly lounging around, repeated 50 times over!!!

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Yeah... it’s quick... I never went to 5k, different ball game altogether. The mad thing is Kipchoge is 17 seconds for 100m... 420 times

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I know they do regular drug testing, but has anyone actually checked for a battery hatch?

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I drive my wife to work... strangely enough it’s 13.1 miles... apart from lockdown (26 minutes) it takes longer than he does for HM.

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That s just depressed me ..... I m54 and only managing doing 5k in 50 mins 😞.

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You shouldn't let it. The thing with averages is, for everyone who's faster than average, there's got to be at least one person who's slower (otherwise the average itself would move).

But the distribution matters as well. One really stupidly fast person (see the world-class speeds mentioned above) will need 3 or 4 people "slower than average" to balance them out.

Say you had 5 runners in the same age group. One of them can run 15 minutes. One can run 40. The other. 3 all run 50. Their average is (15 + 40 + 50 +50 +50)/5 which is 41 minutes.

So, one is "stupidly fast" , one is "about average*, but the other 3 are all "slower than average" even though they run at the same speed that most of the group can!

Which sounds odd, but that's statistics for you!

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Thank you Thatwasunexpected that’s a very kind reply . I did the c25k in the allocated 9 weeks , no injuries , no repeating weeks . I was the text book c25k ..... I still pinch myself that I did that . It’s this consolidation stuff that s confuses me , I m not getting any faster (although if I m honest I m only running once a week with work and everything ). I guess i should still be aiming for 3 x week 🤷‍♀️🙈. I feel c25k was a challenge , but graduation is a bit of a no mans land for me. I can egg other people on , but can’t seem to egg myself on . I m more stick my head in the sand like an emu( or is it ostrich?🥴) .

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You're welcome, although it's more a factual reply than a "kind" one :)

As for motivating beyond the program, the key to that is deciding what you'd like to achieve - much like when you decided a few months back that you'd like to complete C25K.

That might be to run 5k faster, to do one of those charity mile things when they start happening again, to run longer, or to keep going as you are once a week (possibly using Park run as your weekly run when they start again).

All are great goals because all are infinitely better than watching Netflix!

Once you've got some idea what you'd like to achieve, then you can think about structure to work towards it. There'll be plenty of suggestions and advice round here once you've decided👍

Meanwhile, if you sign up for your local park run (it's free!) whether or not you can see yourself doing one at the moment, they're doing a "not park run" thing at the moment where you can enter the times for your weekly 5k and start building a record over time. That on its own can be a handy nudge when you feel like skipping one!

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That's a useful table. It turns out that my time and age are almost 20 years apart 😂

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Given the age on your profile and the fact the table doesn't go THAT high that's pretty good times 🤣

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The last entry in the table has a very wide spread - 65 to 99 😉 I'd love to be doing 5K in 43 minutes at the age of 99. Now that's something to aim for! 😂

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Yeah, but if you meant that way you could've claimed a 40 year age difference and REALLY left people wondering, 😝

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Thanks for posting that link it’s great to know I’m right on average 😊 any improvement in that is just a bonus!


Takes me 55 mins to do 5k! At 409mins you are a star! F**k your mates!


Thanks for the support! Six months ago I was overweight and couldn't run the bath :D

ha! they mock??

I would kill for a 40 min 5k!.. its brilliant!... I suspect mine will start with a 4 (IF I'm lucky), more like a 5 but i will be screaming it from the rooftops - I couldn't even run for 60 seconds at week 1....

Really mean of them!... Not that we are really interested in their opinions FULL STOP!.... Doesn't jealousy make people behave in such a horrible way!.. I'm so cross ..In fact i want to come in and dismiss them with some witty comeback.. but you know what.. better to ignore them - Rise above it because you are so much better than that!....


I personally would tell them to knob off (sorry... I'm usually a much better person than that..they have really p*ssed me off doing that to you!)

.. Don't let anyone dim your light... because its shining in their eyes

.. Don't let anyone dull your sparkle EVER

.. Them trying to blow out your candle won't make theirs shine any brighter


When you next see them just think they don't have a running family like you do!... We got you!

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Loving this!

I am SO cross!.. Fellow humans can be so horrible.. but fellow runners are kind souls!

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I’m just happy you don’t work there or we’d be likely to lose you for a few years at her majesty’s!

:-) :-) honestly i am so irked by this....

Just imagine the posts i could write from Prison!.. On 2nd thoughts don't... Going somewhere like that would be super scary

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Knob off 😅🤣🤣😂

So funny, I haven't heard that for years!. And it's a much more polite response than I would have given (sadly I really enjoy a good burst of profanity, worse since I started driving)

Audrey0597 40 minutes is a good time running non stop, however far you get.

I think it's a sustainable pace that will build your running legs. Slower gets you further, and if you never got faster, so what?

You're doing great 🤩

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Oh trust me.... I wanted to say MUCH worse!... but i chanelled my inner lady! :-) haha!

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Ahh, I don't think I have one of those 😬

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She rarely makes an appearance here so I indulge her every now and again 👍🤣

Great responce !





You work with morons. That is a fantastic achievement, well done 😊

oh no... they are not that good

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I agree with what everyone else has said. Don’t let these idiots put you down - you can feel rightly proud in what you have achieved. I do hope you will keep running as it will do wonders for your health and also your self-esteem

Forgot to say .... I've got a pump one of those balloon ones to pump you back up to where you should be on achieving a 5k run!.... :-) Which by the way is 10 foot in the air!!

Chin up and head held high... I think unfitnomore is right!... Look at all of us.. Fellow runners would not be so mean - they would be so happy for your achievement...


Oh... and welcome to the forums... as you may have noticed, we are a pretty friendly supportive bunch... stick around, talk to us often... there’s nowhere we haven’t been in terms of running between us and we just love more awesome C25K graduates!


Your work "mates" are idiots. You're awesome! 👏👏👏👍🏃‍♀️

I would be “ over the moon” if I could run

5K in 40min!!!


If you look up the times for park runs. Knock out the times for the superheros who have been running all there lives. LOOK at the age graded times. You will then get a good idea for a target. Then DARE them to do better based on there age.


Just ignore your colleagues they are not worth it.

You have a fantastic time for 5k. A huge well done to you.

Mocked? How fast can they run 5k? Can they even run 5k? My first 5k was 40 mins too and I'm still proud of it. Don't let anyone dull your sparkle


Don't let them get to you. It must be something like 2yrs since I did c25k, I think I may have clinched a sub 30 once but normally come in about 33/34 mins. My early runs were 37/38 mins. We are a similar age so comparable.

You should not dwell on it. Work on personal goals, I think I went 3 x 5 k per week then extended a bit then after a while went B210K.

I stick with events for times, always seem to go a bit faster on them and also they come round annually so will be able to see improvements year to year.

Just ignore them!


Please do not feel deflated. It is an incredible achievement to run 5k. I’m doing mine in about 44 minutes, but purposely haven’t told anyone my time in case they mock me. To me I’m just proud that I’m doing 5k. And once you keep at it your time will come down. Well done. X

When my work mates found out id started doing C25k, the started playing the Chariots of Fire theme tune, our age range is between mid 40’s to mid 60’s. I myself am 61. Not one of them could run a bath never mind run for a bus.

Their probably just jealous of your achievement, just give them some witty reply back.

Ive just finished the 20 min 2 mile run, didn't do 2 mile (was 1.75 miles ) but still felt great completing it and will brag about it tonight at break time


Do your workmates run 5k in 30 mins? Ignore them & be proud of your achievement. 40 mins is a very respectable time. Hardly anyone runs it in 30 mins. Speed is not the issue - it's the stamina of being able to run for long periods.

Stuff them - you’re awesome!

You're work 'mates' sound like a bunch of A*holes!

Very well done on your 5k! 👏👏👏👏

How DARE they?? I honestly cannot understand what people think they're achieving by voicing opinions like that, to someone who is very proud of themselves for having achieved something that a few weeks ago probably felt impossible. DON'T share any future progress with them! Their loss!


Your workmates are NOT runners, challenge them to run with you for 5 minutes, they might go ahead of you but probably after two minutes they would collapse and you could give them the v sign when you passed, proper runners do not mock new slower runners.


I did my first ever 5k in an hour. Don’t feel deflated I would be well happy with your time. They are just judging idiots who have to belittle others to feel good about themselves. May the running overlords smite then with dogpoo in the small tread of their shoes. It really is a good time. You are only running for you not them 🤗

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“May the running overlords smite then with dogpoo in the small tread of their shoes“. That’s soooo funny 😂


Ignore them what you have achieved is amazing. They are jealous that you have something to be proud of. Use their negativity to spur you on as the more you do the bigger fools they will seem


I’m where you’re at, just done my first and one and only ever 5k earlier this week and it took 39 minutes. It’s slower than average for my age range but to me it’s my pb and the fastest I’ve ever ran that distance, I think it’s medal worthy but my only

Competition is with me. It’s a shame your colleagues have been so unsupportive as I have experienced nothing but the opposite, but the most support has come from fellow runners and most of them are way faster and more experienced than me. Be proud of yourself, think of where you were at only 4 weeks ago and the progress you have made. Congratulations


I agree with everything everyone has said 😍 YOU are AMAZING and well done you for speaking out. Your workmates are bullies. Perhaps they feel threatened by your fabulous achievement. You should tell them not to worry, your success doesn’t mean that they are failures 😂 We have your back and I’m pretty jealous, 5k in 40 minutes? at my current pace it’d take me 50 minutes + (me = 🐌) Keep going, you’re doing great!

People tend to fit into two types: those who are awesome and those who are dicks. Your workmates seem to be the latter. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel bad by downplaying your achievement. Ask yourself this... who did you start running for? It wasn’t for them was it. You don’t need negativity like that in your life. Tell them, they’ll hopefully feel awful. Stay awesome.

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Yep two kinds of people in the world, drains and radiators. Audrey you are a radiator, your workmates are drains......nuff said, keep at it, don't let the b#ggers get you down.


Wow 40 minutes is an excellent time and don't you think otherwise! How awful that you should be mocked for this when you have achieved something so amazing. I hope you continue in your journey and not listen to any negative comments. You should be so proud of yourself! I started the couch to 5k over 2 years ago and ran my first half marathon during lockdown. My time wasn't great, but the feeling after was immense.... that's what it's about!


I did the same time, do not let anyone put dampeners on your achievement. You achieved more than the program goal of running for 30 mins. I am 190 kg so I think I would go quicker if I was lighter but it’s about the exercise and time exercising . Be proud and please don’t take the negative comments on board.


The other replies have said more than I can but I just wanted to show support. How dare they. You are running and I'm impressed, I know hard it is and we are all on your side. 😉


What a horrible thing to say! 5k in 40 mins is an amazing time. Check out the timings for your local (or any) parkrun and you will see people who take an hour - and it’s never their first time.

Don’t be disheartened, you’ve done an amazing thing to graduate and then get to 5k, you should be really proud of yourself.

Whoever said that to you should just mind their own business and do one!! 😡

Hi 👋 Don’t let those spiteful no hopers make you feel down, I’m 55 years young and took 55 mins to do my first 5K & felt on top of the world. One of my neighbours found it funny that I took that long (his words) until I invited him along on the next jog so he could show me (& the others) just how fast he could do it in...surprise surprise, not only was the invitation declined but no one found him that funny after all. Don’t let these people make themselves feel good by making you feel bad, picture how you’ll look and feel in a years time & let your inner self stick two fingers up to them rock girl 🥳

Hi Audrey, well you’re way ahead of me. I’ve just finished Wk4R3 and I’m feeling very smug and I couldn’t even tell you the distance I run.

When I watch marathons on TV I’m impressed when the leaders finish at just over two hours but I’m even more impressed when someone crosses the line after eight hours. I’d have given up long before that. You’re not in either group but you’re above average. Hold your head up high.

And your mates at work? If you’re wearing a mask, one of the benefits is that you can mouth, “F**k You” behind it and they’ll never know.

Tell em all to do one x that’s amazing


There's been enough said about the 40 minute 5k you did, yes I'm saying this as I'm envious, my fastest recorded time was 42:06, I was on track to break the 40 minute 5k just before I injured my ankle before Christmas causing me to drop back on my Christmas Day ParkRun to 44-45 minutes with the injury (it happened 3-4 days prior to that run).

As already mentioned, they can't be runners, I have a work friend who runs marathons for fun (in the 2:30 range I think) and he was one of the first to find out I was doing the program.

Now picture this, 24-25 stone, 6' man tells his 10 stone 5'10" marathon running friend he's running, cue the jokes. He grinned and said good on you, if you need any help or advice give me a shout. He never told anyone else, I honestly think he had a bet with a couple of the other guys in my team who didn't know I was running over the Christmas Day ParkRun as he sent me a txt message thanking me and a couple of pound signs.

Ignore your work friends, carry on with your running journey and enjoy yourself.


I would take the more enlightened, sympathetic and adult approach.

Tell them to Sod Off 😡

Averaging 7.5 k an hour for 40 minutes, I think that’s pretty good, what percentage of the population could manage that, let alone the over 45s. Work colleagues but not workmates.

Keep it up, keep doing it for the one who counts, YOU.

It's lazy and uncaring to sneer at someone who's achieved what you've managed. Usually it's one arsehole who pipes up and a lickspittle or two who join in. What's going on here is jealousy pure and simple. Your wonderful success represents change in their perception of you which threatens them. What have they done of comparable significance? Nothing. If they had they would be congratulating you because they would be able to empathise. You're now above and beyond them and you now know who these spiteful little losers are. You've done brilliantly.

Arsehole's and lickspittle's :-)

I confess i had to google that but i LOVE the word!... gonna add it to my vocabulary


That's a perfect time for someone coming off this programme. My best friend is in the forces and can do much of this in half the time that I can but that's him. I am a better accountant than he is if he wants to get cocky!

You're not in competition with anyone other than yourself. If you're making progress (and a 1 min improvement in one run is huge progress) then be proud of what you are achieving and what you will continue to achieve.

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You made me laugh 😂. I know how you feel , my son is in the forces . I refuse to compare times , even when he s in full combat gear he still has wings 🤣🤣. But bless him , he eggs his ageing over weight “ old budge “ onwards . 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 😇

That’s an absolutely awful thing to say and just down right mean. I bet none of them go running. As everyone else has said, ignore those idiots and be proud of what you’ve achieved. I only started running at 56 last year and it makes me sad to think that anyone I know would comment on any of my running times or distances and knock my confidence. Stick with us. We’ll all tell you how awesome you’re doing and give you full support and encouragement.

Ohh , what unkind, horrible people ! I agree with all those who are telling you how amazing you are ! Go Audrey .Also , it still stands , Be kind .

40mins is a fantastic time! I graduated last year as part of a group from work. For our first attempt at 5k we ran our local ParkRun, and I admit to being both elated to finish it, but frustrated that I was much slower than my colleagues, coming in at 47mins. I have gradually learned to 'run my own race' and try to not judge myself against other people's times and what I think I 'should' be attaining on a Saturday. My fasted run was 36mins, and I doubt I will ever get much lower than that. BUT, I have proven to myself that I can run 5k, which is the most incredible thing to me, ever! I went from struggling to get through week 2 to running 5k, and that's the main objective. You have done brilliantly, and pushed yourself throughout the C25K process, and you should be really proud of yourself. And your colleagues should jog on.


Can't add much to the brilliant points already made. Just wanted to say, go you!👊

Ignore your work-mates. People who feel good about themselves have no need to put others down. You have achieved something amazingly life affirming during this very challenging time. I applaud you and everyone else on here who has started out on this journey to get fit and healthy. 👏👏👏⭐️⭐️⭐️

I wish I could do 5k in 40 mins....

Well done, carry on, your doing fine.

That’s brilliant, please ignore your workmates very insensitive comments - you should be proud, I ran 4 k yesterday in 33 mins so close to you maybe a bit slower and my 18 year old said fantastic - she’s faster but also added some of her friends couldn’t do that and haven’t got off the sofa, high praise from a teenager from nothing to this - they should be cheering you on x

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When a teenager pays a compliment they're either after something or you're genuinely awesome :D

Your work mates are clearly not very nice.. everyone should encourage each other... as they do on here x

Tell them you've got 74 friends who think you are awesome! Make than 75


I’m not sure you need to say anything to the idiots you work with, just print off these responses and pin them to your staff notice board, this team will tell them for you, and maybe teach them some manners at the same time x


Remember that there are hundreds more runners here congratulating you. Ignore the Sneeries just hear the sound of all the clapping over here👏🏼👏🏼

Hey mate, with all due respect let me tell you something.

The people who make less of your 5km because you are not running in less than X min is exactly the same people who will have to deal with injuries during a good part of the year.

Nobody that makes fun of your victories deserves your attention. They are useful only to teach you how NOT to behave as a human being.

You`re doing great. Keep going and let sad people keep being sad people.


All the posts above are spot on. Your work mates are just that. Work Mates. They are obviously not true friends and certainly not runners. So if I was you I would run away to your hearts content. Keep running 3 x times per week. Enter road races and give parkrun a go when it starts back up again. Join your local running club. There will be loads of fellow 40 minutes 5K runners. And don’t mention a word of any of it to your work mates. Leave them in the dark about your new healthy hobby.

I’m 46 years old. I’m running 3 years now since graduating from C25K. My very first parkrun took me just under 40 minutes and I was so proud of myself. I’ve done 73 parkruns now and volunteered 18 times. I’ve ran in 5K, 6K and 10K road races. I’ve so many T-Shirts and Medals from road races that my wardrobe is overflowing. But my biggest achievement is that I lost 2.5 stone in weight and I now have a resting heart rate of 54 bpm and healthy blood pressure. I look younger and fitter as a result. When people see me for the first time in a couple of years they are shocked. When they ask how I lost the weight, I just say that I run a little bit. Be proud, keep running, it has changed my life and it will change yours too.


Absolutely brilliant - well done 👊🤘👏

Audrey0597, I think you're awesome and everyone here agrees you have done a fantastic job running 5k in 40mins. I am on W3 after many more weeks than that, but proud that I am still jogging along. Well done you to reach such an achievement and a PB!


Do you work with 84 people? That’s how many have replied so far to say your workmates are idiots - not to mention the people who like the replies. Id say just sit there feeling smug and reveling in your awesome achievements. I’m #85!

Well done you. Everybody is different and you should be proud of your achievements. Ignore comments from negative people that are most likely driven by jealousy of you!!

yes!! Jealousy!! That exactly what it is!!

They are watching someone grow and develop, become fitter and brighter for taking up running and my guess is they feel a bit threatened or inadequate too.

Nail. On. The. Head. Schoolmumrunning. Nail on the head.



Also, I don’t think they deserve the title of “workmates”, it’s certainly not something mates do to each other, I can think of plenty of other names for them 🤔 🤭 😮 🤐 I can’t concentrate on work now. I’m seething 😤

F****k them. What horrible people and definitely not real runners/ athletes who would never laugh at anyones times or efforts.

That's a perfect time for a beginner's c25k and hard earned at that.

Bullshit , I'm so cross.

Let's see those so called experts toe the line , and see what them can really do.

You keep running and use this as motivation, you will be faster every time you run.

If I could run 5k in 40 minutes I would be over the moon. You need to listen to positive, supportive friends not people trying to sabotage you.

Not been on this forum for ages myself as my orthopaedic consultant told me to stop running due to mydegenerative disc disease.

I had just completed week 8 too! But my time was about an hour, so you should be proud. Very proud.

I know you’ve had lots of comments on here, but I just wanted to add my support too!

What you’ve achieved is absolutely fantastic! Please be proud of yourself for all that you’ve done!

These workmates are obviously not runners or they wouldn’t be disrespecting you like this!

Welcome to your new hobby which will make you feel so much better both physically & mentally!

And any time you’re doubting yourself, just remember all the support you’ve got on here!


I totally agree with Foxyblue, well done.

Why don't you invite your work mates for a 40 minute run next time you go out ?

Wow 5K in 40 mins, that's excellent and killing it in my book and I'm guessing loads of other people who have completed the challenge would also feel super chuffed with that time. My best time for 5k is 52 mins and I can tell you I was super proud of myself. Like others have said, your work mates(not mates in my book!)are idiots - I wonder what challenges any of them have recently taken up and successfully completed. Just ignore them and keep on running x


Congrats! Well done you. Ignore them it’s a great achievement and one you can maintain or improve in your own time.

ohhh Audrey0597 I wish i had not read this before bed last night!.... I was SO cross!....

I read on here someone suggested posting all these replies on your work noticeboard.... OHH that is just the kind of mischief i would get up to!, especially if I had been subject to similar treatment..

I've woke up this morning and you are STILL awesome!... and guess what?.. You will more than likely go on to shave more time off but if not you will still continue to run 5k's..... Brilliant!

WHEREAS - sadly your work colleagues will always be arseholes - Go figure who has the upper hand

GO Audrey! x


First off ...I can’t put it any better than the first response from Foxyblue, but as you will see from all the replies, you are AWESOME! 👏🏼and your colleagues are d**ks

I hope you realise from all the support here that you have done something amazing. 💪🏻 I am so chuffed that I can even run 5K - I’ll never be fast but who cares? In fact looking at the stats I’m actually better than average for my age so that’ll do me

Remember why you chose to do this and run your race for you. And come here for support because we’ve got your back. It’s a good job we don’t know where you work because I think your colleagues would be in for a bit of abuse if we did! (And TinyTears would be in prison 🤣)

Keep running and keep 🖕🏼to the idiots!


Absolutely amazing! I've yet to reach 5k - you are doing an awesome job! Keep up the great work 👍

OMG!!! I would flip out!!

You have achieved something immense and all people can do is mock you. I bet half of them couldn't even do week 1... their time for running 5k is probably from 20 years ago.

This is your journey and you are doing amazingly well. I hope that when I am covering a 5K I can do it in 40 minutes!!

Keep your head up and two fingers to that lot.

Ggggrrrr, makes me so annoyed!!


My word look at these many people disagree with your work "mates...I don't think they are good friends.

Well done with your run. Stay strong.

I will be very happy if I get to the stage where I can run 5k in 40mins, great achievement, don’t let anyone put you down!!!! Keep running!!!

Don't be deflated. That's a great achievement. I'm on my second time round doing the program, I picked up a foot injury at the end of my week 9 run 3, so have had to stop for a couple of months. Now back to week 6. I don't expect to run 5k in 30 minutes for a long time. Get your work colleagues to do the challenge and see how they go. Be proud!!


Well done. Don’t let them pull you down. You are doing well

Wow you ran 5k that’s amazing. I’m in my 60s (14st) and run 5k in 35mins. When I was 16 (11 st) I could run 100m in 11.5 sec. ; 400 m in 52secs and 800m in not much over 2mins. Times are meaningless. Age, health and how long you’ve been running mean comparisons are pointless. The point is you can run 5k when you previously couldn’t and you’re healthier as a result. Your times will improve but eventually flatten out. Just enjoy running, your improving health and ignore your silly colleagues.

Wow being able to run 5k at all is amazing!! I’ve only just began C25K and can’t even run for a minute without getting tiered!! Congratulations 🥳

Take no notice of your workmates, you've done really well - be proud of those times!


I completely agree with what everyone else is saying. You have done brilliantly and deserve to feel proud of what you have achieved. I applaud you. 👏👏👏👏

Ignore your workmates, what they think and say is simply unimportant. I have two more runs to complete on week 9 and my maximum distance so far is 4.2k. If I get to run 5k in 40 minutes I would be delighted. Very best wishes to you.

Firstly a massive virtual high five on an awesome achievement. Oh I forgot to say ignore your small minded work "mates".

Don't use distance as a measurement here because you ran 40 minutes, yep 40 minutes and that is awesome especially if you started the journey with no running experience.

Stay focused and ignore these small minded individuals. What you did was awesome.


My first 5k was 40 minutes, be proud. Take your work mates for a run I will bet less than 30% will be able to complete 5k.


Some folk should engage brains before opening their mouths.

Your run.. your way...

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Carry on enjoying x


I haven’t run an outside 5k EVER!

And I certainly couldn’t run 40 minutes!

You are doing amazing! Well done!

I can’t add any thing about your work colleagues which hasn’t already been said.... rise above it and bask in your glow of achievement 💜

Foxy lady couldn’t have put it better. Well done you. Ignore the negative misery-guts of this world. It is all because they know they don’t have the drive and willpower to succeed. Keep running and keep enjoying it and feel PROUD of your achievement.

Well done, ignore your workmates and don’t let them deflate your mood. Keep going at your own pace and so what if someone else can go faster. Real friends would celebrate your achievement😎

You ran for 40 minutes! Awesome!

Believe in yourself. You are running for yourself and no one else. Well done! 👏👏

Your workmates are idiots.

Audrey0597 as everyone is saying, just pay no attention to any of these 'colleagues' as this is for you and you will feel great after doing this for a while longer... many of us have heard and experienced this but don't let it knock you. As you have heard, 5k is 5k whether it's in an hour or whether it's under 30 mins - just do it for you and enjoy the journey. I went to do a 5k this morning but ended up running for 6.7k... so do what you feel.. that's my approach (sometimes your faster, sometimes your slower) just try to enjoy the moment and trust in the fact you are going to improve...

I had a colleague who mocked me when I got to the week where you run 5 mins at a time. He said to me 'how could anyone not be able to run for 5 minutes at a time?' he was very overweight and hadn't done exercise in years and would also tell me that the netball I play didn't require and fitness or skill. I challenged him to come for a run with me and do that week, and you know what, he never actually took me up on it. He was a coward who just wanted to make other people feel worse about their achievements. You know what, a couple of years on, I've done loads of sports and fitness and run a half marathon. He's still overweight, and still never exercises. I know who I'd rather be.

Look that’s not a problem. Everyone takes a different journey to fitness and you’re unique. You have reached 5k and are building up your base of fitness. Speed is not the goal and trying to ‘get fast’ too soon can mean injury and you lose out because you stop rather than stay on your journey. Don’t worry about time, consolidation is the key, do a few more 5k and then add a bit more distance. Maybe go for a 7kT the end of the week, nice and easy not worrying in the least about pace. A couple more 5k and then an 8k. What you’ll find is your pace on the shorter runs will increase. Then do a bit of speed work, run hard up a few of the hills or maybe go a bit faster down hills to get your legs used to moving faster. Do this speed work once a week only. I’m back running age 57 after back surgery and just finished my week 13 and ran a PB under 40 minutes. My goal is to run under 30 but it may take me another 6 months to get there but I’ll enjoy the journey. Enjoy your journey Audrey and good luck

in reply to Gerry0

Good advice on how to impove pace.. I look forward to those days... 🤔💭

How rude! I think that is fabulous and would be delighted to achieve it. Hold your head high. In my experience, those that run regularly are really supportive, regardless of the speed you run at. They are idiots, you are a warrior x

Keep confidence, change workmates ;)

Well done any time is better than none. I’m only just started and not even got to 5k yet! Keep going practice makes perfect 😁

I am on week 8 and definitely won’t do the full 5k in week 9. I am a bit disappointed but mostly delighted that I’ve got this far. Negativity is easy, getting off your backside and going out three times a week is A LOT HARDER. Well done you. Graduating the C25k is a massive success. 🎉


Maybe you could organise a nice office sports day so your colleagues could demonstrate how 5k should be run? Wonder how many would show up 😏


I was 50 in December. Started C25K on 1st Jan and graduated 8 Feb. My first 5k was also 41mins. I was then gradually improving.

Recent runs (including yesterday at 33 mins) have been 31-36 mins. I run 3x a week either 30 mins, 5k or a short run if I don't have much time and I want to run rather than sit on my bum!!

I'm a police officer so have lots of younger, fitter colleagues but they're all SO supportive.

I'm aiming for a 30min 5k but I still think 5k is a bloody long way, it's not easy yet!

I recommend raceatyourpace to get yourself a nice medal each month to show yourself you're doing ace!!

Do not let anyone pull you down. What you are doing is fantastic!! I would think that if your work colleagues were actually runners, then they would praise you as they know that every step we run, is a positive step. I had a stranger say that why did I bother jogging as I was so slow. So I got hold of his elbow and pulled him along at my pace for about 10 yards when he pulled free. He was not at all happy but I’ve never seen him again and I run more or less the same route 3 times a week!! I feel guilty about what I did but then strangers don’t know anything about you and what your capabilities are.


That’s amazing - well done you 👍👏

There's little I can say that Foxyblue hasn't already put brilliantly. If you've knocked off 1 minute already you will keep chipping off more time. I was a very slow runner at one time and people took the mick, but soon you will (a) realise they are inadequate and misinformed (b) you will be picking up faster times as you build up your aerobic base - as you already are. Anyone who can run 5k is cool in my book. Most people can't.


How long does it take them?! Ask them that question and if they are faster ask for tips; I’m guessing they can’t even run it!!


Forget them! They’re selfish idiots!

Bask in the glory of your own personal achievement. I’d love to be able to run 5 k in any time, I graduated nearly 2 years ago and run 2-3 times a week but still couldn’t manage 5 k in 40 minutes so I’m in awe of you!

I recently watched a YouTube video about Japanese slow running—the whole premise of the video was that people who run slowly—as in a shuffle that’s just beyond a walk with running form—actually experience less injuries and have a happier association to running therefore running for the larger part of their lifespan. One of the commenters on the video noted that she’s always been the slow one in her running group and one day the group leader made the whole group run at her pace—the group actually said it was harder to maintain that slower pace and they were more tired in the end. Anyway the big takeaway I got from that is run at the pace that makes you happy and makes you want to stick with running because in the end, unless you want to compete seriously, it doesn’t matter how fast you run it so long as you get out there and run it.

And It’s easy to laugh at someone’s running pace while sitting on your ass not running. Drag them out for a run 😜.


Omg people are so rude!

In the backpacking world we have a saying - "Hike Your Own Hike". Here, "Run Your Own Run". Run what works for you. If you can (or want to), either stretch your runs or work on your times. But these runs are about you and what you want to do with them.

Congrats on your runs!


Be proud of yourself - you've done an amazing thing! I'm slower than an arthritic snail, but I'm ridiculously pleased with myself that I can now run for 30 mins non-stop. I couldn't imagine being able to do that when I started, but I'm working (slowly) towards a 10k now. You've done so well to graduate, so nuts to them, and welcome to Team 5k!

151 replies, mostly from people who want to poke them in the eyes!!🤣😂👆👆 Support doesn't get much better than that!!


Nice workmates you’ve got ! 40 mins is fine, following graduation I was doing 5k in 37-38 mins, but weeks later I’ve managed 31:14, through sheer determination, I still hit it in 33 ish sometimes so your time of 40 is none to shabby at all and you’ve shaved a minute off the previous time so you’re still improving.......use their negativity to spur you on to improve your time, don’t feel deflated at at them and say, when was the last time I asked for your opinion on anything........exactly! 👍

Mehhhh.... tell em to do one! The only person you need to compete with is yourself. You’re already a better version of you than before you started. Just accept the world is full of tossers 😉


Guy guffawed when he saw my finish time in a 5k and brayed "I'd WALK faster than that!"

To which I responded,

"Aren't you special"

There's really no answer to that, if the asshats trys they just show their ignorance even more.

Sod the Begrudgers and those who try to cut other people down so they can feel big, their opinions have no more value or weight than farts on the wind. You keep running at your own pace and continue to enjoy YOUR life, let them recline in their scum-bath while they try and convince themselves and others it's a champagne hot tub. :)


Ignore them! You will always find someone who can run faster. I bet most of them couldn’t do it if they had to - be proud of your achievement 😃

I completely agree with ah that’s been said. I‘ve nothing to add except my congratulations and support


Hi , I m very interested in your resting heart beat statement . Mine has reduced from in its 80 s to 71 and I honestly never thought it was anything to do with the c25k 🤷‍♀️. Your statement is a bit of an eye opener for me . Do you remember what your original number was before it dropped to 54 ? Mine did go down to 66 for a while ( when I was doing c25k - I suppose cis I was out 3 times a week ) but it’s back up to 71 now and my consolidation runs are down to 1 a week and I m a stone heavier 😩) .


Pushed a bit tonight, managed 5k in 39m 50s, shaved 10 secs off!

My resting heartbeat is always around 60-63 bpm, I'm 12st7 and BP resting is 105/77

Hi Audrey0597, you are under 40 minutes that is a super achievement and I'm pleased for you and your PB. Your heart seems tickety-boo also (don't take my word for it but from a non-doctor, it seems good). Well done. I was hoping you'd been out again and slayed the workmates!! How are things in work now? Hope you are feeling OK, Plattszo 😊

They are mean and jealous. You are fabulous. Well done. Keep going. I was running 40-minute 5ks and now I’m running 28-30 minute 5ks. Yes, there are people faster than that but we are going at our own pace and getting the 100% benefits that we need.

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