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Second consolidation run today, and a (mostly) nice easy one.


The first on Tuesday had been a bit of a let-myself-play on a newly measured 5k route. Spent 24 minutes of it above my lactate threshold and definitely NOT at an "easy conversational" pace. Time was 33:32, which isn't going to set the world alight but I'd just graduated so wanted to make sure I covered the full distance while also setting a marker :P

So today I decided to try some discipline: set a virtual pacer on my watch at 7:15/km, chose a 160bpm playlist instead of my usual 170, and a heart rate warning at 140bpm to (try and) keep it aerobic.

Set off in the rain and settled into a nice rhythm, heart rate levelled out at a pretty constant 138 after the first 10 minutes, and I seemed to be hovering on the shoulder of my pacer at around 20 - 40 metres behind. It was NOT easy to keep hearing that I was trailing him, but the plan was the plan, and I could always try to catch him at the end of the gap didn't open too much!

Got to within sight of the finish, by now hovering round a 140 heart rate and still comfortable enough to exchange a few words with a dog walker as I passed. I was feeling pretty pleased with myself for that so, as I crossed the main road - 150m to go and still 20 metres behind the competition - I went for it.

As close to a full-on sprint as I dared with slightly tired legs on tarmac, 32s 150m, and passed my nemesis with about 30m to go to take the imaginary tape :D It blew my self-imposed heart rate limit out the window for those last few seconds but the watch didn't have time to complain so mehhh :P

The bonus is that, unlike Tuesday, I really feel like I could go again!

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Wow! That sounds amazing! What tech do you have for the virtual pacer? I have a borrowed TomTom, but haven't explored its capabilities yet - just keep an eye on the heart rate, time and distance as I'm going. Mind you, if I keep below 160bpm, I feel I'm succeeding!

ThatwasunexpectedGraduate in reply to JeanneMary

It's an Honor Magic Watch 2 (sub-brand of Huawei) that I treated myself to.

A little bit obscure but really nice running features and, at about £140, a lot cheaper than Garmin or Polar!

Has built in GPS, built in music player (with speaker on the bigger version), remarkably good HR sensor (consistently within a beat or two of my Polar chest strap), pacer, interval timer (by distance or time), and built-in running courses including HR controlled ones (so it tells you to speed up / slow down as needed).

Plus, as a watchmaker, I REALLY appreciate that they've used a standard strap fitting, So I'm not tied to their specially-shaped replacements / throwing it away when they stop making them. A small detail, maybe, but shows good faith by them!


You'll enjoy reading about and implementing Phil Maffetone's MAF method.


- keeping to constant pace will see your HR drift upwards as you start to use more energy to keep up the pace

- for the same reason, keeping to a constant HR will see your pace steadily decrease.

ThatwasunexpectedGraduate in reply to John_W

Funnily enough, there are a couple of MAF courses included and it keeps suggesting a 40 minute one as my next run.

May give it a spin on Sat for my 3rd consolidation because the lower HR should make the extra few minutes bearable.

Not sure how slow I'll have to go to knock an extra 12bpm off but no-one's watching :D

John_WAmbassador in reply to Thatwasunexpected

included in what?

ThatwasunexpectedGraduate in reply to John_W

The built-in "courses" on my watch. So you don't even have to pay attention to your HR - the watch monitors it and a cheerful 1990's style computer generated voice tells you to speed up or slow down as needed.

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