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Trainer recommendations


Just after some recommendations for running trainers. Is there a specific type of trainer to wear whilst running? I currently wear some oldies I’ve had for years, think they’re cheap Asics. I don’t want to spend loads 😊

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This guide to running shoe may be helpful

Your running shoes are what stop you getting injured and even expensive shoes are cheaper than a physio.


I was recommend Saucony trainers, both my husband and I have a pair now. I have cushioned ones as does he

Thank you

I’ve just uploaded my new Saucony Triumph ISO 5 trainers. Last years model so around half price now.

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Thank you 😊


When I started C25K I bought a cheap pair of running trainers which seemed OK, but after a few consolidation runs I injured my left ankle. No idea what I did but I could hardly walk on it for a couple of weeks (lots of RICE needed) and it was about 10 weeks or more before I could run on it again (struggled to run even 2km at the beginning again), even now after several months it doesn’t feel quite as strong as the other ankle, but much, much better. Once I started running I went and had a gait analysis (local runners need shop) and ended up with a pair of Brookes Ghost 12 shoes, which provide a bit more ankle support. Certainly since swapping to these my ankle has felt better. I also recently swapped the insoles for some superfeet ones, which provide much better cushioning for impact of road running. Whilst a decent pair of running shoes might be expensive, without a doubt they are well worth the investment. I only wish now I had bought decent shoes much earlier, maybe then I wouldn’t have injured my ankle ! Certainly recommend the gait analysis as having the opportunity to try several different types of shoes on a running machine certainly made me realise how different the shoes are, for me the Brookes felt right, whereas others felt wrong. I appreciate that decent shoes are not cheap, but with hindsight I would have paid a lot more, earlier to have prevented my ankle injury. Good luck with the shoe hunt. PS - after five months of running in the Ghosts they still look like new, so think they will last a while.

I bought Saucony Triumph ISO 5 which I’m loving after two failed attempts with Hoka models. My daughter runs in Brooks Adrenaline GTS20. Note if you buy direct from Brooks website you get 90 days to run in them and if you don’t get on with them you can get a refund. Hoka do a 30 day challenge.


We all have different needs, so best advice is to wait until you can get to a shop that does gait analysis. Try a few pairs on and see what works for you.

I wasted money on my Asics, nothing wrong with them, but not suitable for me. Then the sports physio sessions, then the correct shoes for me( Hokas) It all adds up.

Once you know what you need you can get good deals online.

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