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Toughest Yet

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Final run of week four was the toughest yet, by far.

It should have been yesterday however I managed to get nine holes in on Thursday afternoon. Beautiful weather and thoroughly enjoyable. Even my dodgy knees managed to remain intact. My excitement was such that I had forgotten that I had purchased a new set of clubs (last December) and took my old set. πŸ₯Ί I had torn the left meniscus last July and not played since.

Sorry rambling!!

I left it until today as my knees were feeling little twinges. In reality I believe that I could have managed the run yesterday. A lesson learnt in perhaps pushing the boundaries a little.

Today's challenge was much more psychological and I am so pleased that I pushed myself to go. If I had not I wonder if I would have simply quit.

Today was most certainly a struggle, my pace was alot slower and there was time's I wanted to give into the niggles of a sore back. Ironically just as I was about to start the final five minute run and part of me telling me that I had done enough Don't Stop by Fleetwood Mac played. There was no way that I was going to quit early. In fact I ran over the five minutes.

Good luck to you all and stay safe.


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Well done, but do listen to your body.

Running on and doing extra when your body is displaying niggles may not be the wisest course of action.

Take care.

Thanks for the advice. Back to looking forward to the next run.

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