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Graduated- but really struggling to do even 15 mins of running today



So I graduated on Monday, managing the 3rd 30 min run. Then on Wednesday I ran another 30 mins, managed it but struggled maybe mentally more than anything.

This afternoon went to do the same again, but just could not do it. Made it to just under 15 mins and had to stop. I'm using the week 9 runs on the app, so same as before, same music, same pace. Could it just be the weird windy but hot weather that was making it so hard?

I also feel like pollen is bad atm as I get a tickle in my throat when out on tree lined roads.

Any advice on what I should do? Should I do another 15 min run later today to round up to the full 30?

Thanks in advance!

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No, don't run again today or for a few days until any injuries have completely gone, congratulations on graduating.


Why 30 minutes?

Just have a short leg stretcher run... and if you are struggling with the pollen, then wait until we have a drop of rain...then head out again slowly and steadily.

After Graduation it does not have to be all 30 minutes.. do some short and sweet runs... some longer when you feel like it... and rest up if you feel under par:)'

Some strength and flex work may help get you going again, which you can do inside... do not worry, the runs will still be there..:)


Maybe pop into the Consolidation Club for new graduates and have a word with roseabi and see what others at your stage are doing.

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