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Weekly run done!


Sticking to the once a day outdoor exercise rules, I’ve had to put the dogs first, so 6 days a week it’s their walk, and once a week I get to run afterwards, but nothing too long as my daughter and the dogs will be waiting to go home. Tomorrow it’s her turn to run.

Wow, what a great feeling to be flying again... not in terms of speed, I went really slowly to make the most of it, but my feet were finally off the ground together again... that’s flying right?!

I thought of a lot of my virtual running buddies new and old as I went... then as I was having to actively think about the 2m rule sometimes (not too much, very few people about) I had this thought... and I focused on it... 95000 runners here (or thereabouts) that’s 190km of runners if we all went out today... my in head in run maths made that a tad under 120 miles. I visualised a drive I often do of 90 miles... imagining a runner every two metres... what a sight to behold... then obviously I wasn’t done, so I started the journey back... and when I ran out of runners it was time to stop, have a snack and a drink... then of course wake up and make my way back to the house until tomorrow. The run was a lot of fun, thanks to you all there running with me... can’t wait for next week.

The deputy chief medical officer has recently announced that people restricted to home may want to think about starting jogging... I say bring it on... the more the merrier... who knows, soon I may be able to get all the way home on my mental journey.

Happy running everyone.

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That sounds like a great run and yes... it was flying :)

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Thought so... certainly felt like it... thanks.


I'm sure I've seen a few runners stopping and starting with phone in hand and ear buds dangling 😁😁😁

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That’s what we need to see


What great thoughts to help you run. You're flying too, can't wait for that feeling, I'm still a bit of a plodder atm. Great post.

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Speed wise it was a good old plod... my favourite type of run


I'm with you, UNM, haven't run since Sunday and no prospect of getting out before Sunday again - prioritising the dog 🐶 walking, so still getting some exercise & he does like to go fast so we break into a trot 😂

Been working lots this week, have no idea how doctors and nurses are feeling - it's stressful enough in retail 😲

Take care of yourself 😊

Stay safe

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Thanks for helping to keep this country going... retail has been under appreciated for too long, I’m making a point of thanking everyone like we used to when I shop now. I know the care industry is also very demanding right now as people have to self isolate, and sadly I know someone with symptoms... she should be fine and is doing well, but now has the added strain of being away from her kids. The NHS are doing a wonderful job as ever under more difficult circumstances than usual. Heroes all around me right now.

My dogs are too young to run, but they have been adjusting to walking a little faster 🤣.

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They really are heroes, and I hope that doesn't get forgotten when we get out the other side ☺

A little appreciation does go a long way - thank you 😊 ❤️

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