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Me and Slinky successfully did w5r1 after having to reschedule to the afternoon when Amazon decided to change a delivery time at short notice.. 😩

Anyway, we went to one of our favorite running places, that's usually quiet from others, albeit a tad near a busy road in places.

Part of the runs down a fairly narrow lane, which goes down to about the width of just over 2 people, we had just finished the run and was in the cool down walk when up ahead were 4 runners coming towards us, and we kept over, so, with regard to distancing we would have been about a metre away from them, still too close I know, but we couldn't move over any more due to a fence, but they could have with a small strip of grass verge on thier side, so, the front 2 went to single file going past us but one big guy in the 2 behind stayed just 2 abreast and coming so close I could feel his motion draught as he went by, so must have been a matter of inches away! to which I shouted at him to "MOVE OVER!" I do hope he understood what happened and will be more careful in future with his social distancing with this virus around, there was no coughing as we passed, but you just don't know, do you, ok, it can be difficult sometimes to keep away from each other with not being used to restrictions and forgetting.. But people need to play the game and not be so ignorant, as it's potentially a deadly game they play..πŸ€”πŸ”«

Other than that the run went very well and enjoying just slowly carefully jogging along, and notice I need to keep up with the knee strengthening excercise, have been using a heavy stretching band for resistance training as has Slinky who says she has noticed improvement in her knees, although she has had a chiropractor work on her leg/knee which was found to be out of alignment causing discomfort.

While I could still do with shedding some pounds of weight I put on with inactivity.. These fine spring days are a help..

Am thinking the next run will be at another place, a park where there's wider pathways and grass, so can keep out of the way of others better.. πŸ˜‰

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Well done to both of you for getting out there Dave. πŸ‘ As for the social distancing - yes, some people could still do with thinking about their actions. We all need to support each other in this, and that means creating as much space between each other as possible.

I ran early (for me!) this morning in an attempt to seek solitude but am constantly looking for the quietest routes!

Take care and run safe.πŸ™‚πŸŒˆ

Keep up the good work

Quite agree some people just not taking this distancing seriously ☹️

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