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Week 9 Run 1 done !!!!!

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Just completed the first run of the last week, and it went pretty well! If all goes to plan over this week, I should be done very soon!

I wanted to ask those who have graduated already (or those who are close to graduating and have a post-C25K plan already set up) how you keep up with running after finishing your last run with the app? Any tips to stay on track, and are there any resources with similar encouragement like C25K provides with the trainer? Any recommendations would be much appreciated!

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Hi I’m_trying , consolidation is a good idea


Also Bridge to 10 is a good place for improvers


Happy running 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

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Im_trying in reply to SteveWebbo

Thank you!

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I think consolidation is really important and getting to 12 weeks running 3 times a week will make it more of a habit and settling yourself into the regular 30 mins.

I found that setting myself little goals was good- like signing up for a 5k run for charity. I started to get a bit bored after that so have started the bridge to 10k, which is a challenge and I am not certain I will make it, but it feels a bit like the same type of organised approach. After that, the world is your oyster! Stay on a level, push yourself further, it is up to you! There are loads of plans to get you to half, marathon and ultras if you want to go that far, but a lot of people are quite happy to stay on a steady 30mins/5k 3times a week and that suits them. Here are also some c25k+ plans to help improve your speed and stamina, so give that a go for a bit if you need the structure. You get to choose! Good luck and I am sure you will achieve whatever you set your mind to!

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Im_trying in reply to Smelliepoo

Thank you so much! Consolidation is definitely key!

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I hope to finish soon and have been looking at the C35K plus podcasts:


Good luck with the last 2 runs 👍😁

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Thank you. Great I’ll have a look. Good luck to you too!

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