Couch to 5K

Week 4 finished

Went out this morning for the last time on week 4. So done the run 3 times this week and feeling good.

Deleted the podcast when I got home to make space for the trilogy that is week 5. Don't care what the running times are, or what happens, it's going to be a surprise!

No photos today as it was too dark, I got chased out of the house by a grumpy wife who accused me of faffing - this coming from the queen of faff is a bit rich. I just didn't want to leave before 6.

I've found the programme so far fairly easy. The weight hasn't gone down, but it has stayed constant. so that's ok. All in all I'm having a good time of it. I have my big race on the 17th March so not long now.

Only thing is achy knees, I have religiously had a day off inbetween runs, and during my rest day my knees really ache. Come run time, knees aching in warm up, but by the time I have finished about 3 minutes running the ache has gone - which is good?

So on Saturday I start week 5 and I can't wait.

Just realised, I'm over half way - yay me. From Zero to almost hero in 4 weeks.

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Well done :) I'm only a few runs behind you and feeling pretty much the same, runs aren't too difficult YET. I'm only taking one rest day inbetween too and finding it ok so far. I guess you will know yourself if you need more rest.

I'll be following your progress to see what's instore for me! Keep up the good work.


Thanks Rose, I vary my route, so I thought oh as it's last day of the week,I'd take it easy, so the first 3 minute run was up hill, the 5 minute run was I thought flat but it had a gradual and so slight I didn't notice down hill stretch at the end. The 2 1/2 minute walk was also slightly down hill which I didn't realise. Turned around and started running on a climb for 3 minutes, knackered. The final 5 minute run turned into hard work, Laura says you have 2 and half minutes left, so the road went almost vertical, only going down hill at the end of the run. Not amused but very happy to have pushed on that last bit.


You sound like your doing brilliantly. I've just finished week 4 but going to do the last run again as I had a bit of cramp and cut one short but I plan to start week 5 on Sunday. Feel really excited about it.

Can't wait to hear how you get on so make sure you blog. I am a little nervous when I read through the schedule but everyonje says to trust the programme and I've amazed myself so far !

Good luck and enjoy it - I look forward to reading about your success :-)


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