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Suspected knee injury week 1


Went out for W1R3 today. Knee was a bit twingy before I went out but I didn’t want to let anything stop me this early in the programme so went out anyway. Completed the run but knee was getting sorer by the end and in the hours since it’s quite sore. Since I am brand new to running I am also brand new to injuries! Any advice gratefully received, both in terms of healing my knee, when I should try running again and how to try to prevent it happening again in the future? I’m v frustrated! Many thanks

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

and includes advice on pacing, minimising impact, stretching after every run, knee strengthening exercises and dealing with injury, all of which will help.

Rest up until it feels better.

Enjoy your journey.


Elevate, ice, rest. Check your footwear is suitable, have patience, dont despair. It's ok to take extra rest day while you listen to your body. Good luck

SarahLED in reply to Grannyhugs

Thank you. I suspect it may be more than one extra rest day, but we’ll see! All v annoying, as I was going ok apart from that!


I know it's frustrating but take the time you need to rest up and let your knee recover. Read the advice on the link to running Couch to 5k - I hope this helps and that you are back out there soon. 🤞🙂

SarahLED in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks - yes I had read the advice and was doing my best to follow it, although it’s hard to see yourself if you’re doing it right!

Thanks for taking the time to reply.


Rest, and then some more rest. We all run with the odd ache or twinge, but don't run through pain, and don't take pain killers just to enable you to run. It's frustrating, but if you ignore it you could end up with weeks on the injury couch.

There are some great YouTube videos on running posture and technique. Check your shoes are suitable and do the recommended knee exercises.

You will get back out there and, when you do, take it slowly.

Good luck 👍

Thanks - I’ll take a look at YouTube as you suggest.

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