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Battered, windswept, muddy, hurting - and giggling!

I think wk2r3 was what we shall call 'character building' :) yes folks the Northumberland coastline is stunning and it would be lovely to have a gentle run, with a stop for ice cream and fish n chips. This morning however was; rugged, wild and literally breath taking with the wind taking breath I wanted, cliff top muddy, uneven and hard going. The view was beautiful and i feel very much alive today...

Even if i don't look it! Hotel staff taking pity and have produced poached eggs and extra toast for a late breakfast :)

Looking forward to home and the lumpy flatness of Lincolnshire for Wk3

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I think it's even more of an achievement if you manage to motivate yourself to run in horrible weather. I salute you!


I love those days, makes it all worth while. I had one at the weekend running the local forest, getting lost, heading off into the trees in vaguely the right direction only to have to squeeze under trees and wade through mud, a coupl eof bravady up hill runs (well sort of) then a few K running the mountain bikers trails all ending up with a cup of tea an a bit of cake at the cafe.

I haven't stopped grinning since, and knowing that I can do these things really helps me through the slow, potato sack dragging plods which invariably follow, like yesterday bah....

Reminds you that this is a long term job this running malarkey!

Great story!


Sounds great, but I can't felp focusing on the 'fish and chips'. When I am sleek and fit I will have those fish and chips. :)


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