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First Park Run - Pap17


Well January 2020 is starting off in a big way, 75th blood donation and I did say I would get out and do Park Run even if I never do another one. Whilst no struggles with my lone runs I found that hard work. Official time 31.06 even longer than my Strava time recorded although GPS seemed short. 67th out of 112 and 5th in my age group 55-60. For first time since completing C25K I ended up walking for three short periods and I never had the need to do that. Legs felt very heavy, head full of cold and sore throat I did struggle to get breathing right but did finish. Not sure if it was the cold weather as icy and muddy in places and also the unfamiliarity of the route when compared to my evening runs. Also I think I need to run my race and not try and compete with others so think I may of set off faster than I wanted although Strava said my pace was no different to what I do every lone run. Oh well done now. Good luck all.

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Great, you did your first parkrun. Having the cold yourself and in cold temperatures could have made it feel harder. But you did it. So well done.

Now for the next question , will you do it again?😊

Papillon17Graduate in reply to Buddy34

Don’t know maybe I might have to as I know I am better than that.

MilajayneGraduate in reply to Papillon17

This is the start of the running addiction 😂

Papillon17Graduate in reply to Milajayne

Been running for a year with plenty of 5Ks under 30 mins and no stopping either so may try again.


It is so easy to get swept up with the faster runners and then burn out. Well done for going and I think you would enjoy doing it again some time :)

Papillon17Graduate in reply to tiggs1

I started in the middle and tried to run my own race but obviously other things against me. Set a bench Mark now so have something to improve on.


You did it. Whatever. Good on ya! 👏🏼👍

Papillon17Graduate in reply to Granspeed

Thanks Granspeed school report can do better 😂

GranspeedGraduate in reply to Papillon17

🤣🤣👍 We always can. But first one is done. 😄


Well done for doing it!

Papillon17Graduate in reply to Wenderwoo

Thanks Wenderwoo that was hard but done now.

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