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New here - keep on wombling

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Hi all, just joined the forum after downloading the app and doing my first run on Monday afternoon (before the rain really kicked in). I've since already been off to Decathlon to get some new shoes! (The cheap ones, mind!)

So far, from reading on here I've already learned that I was probably going too fast on my run sections as I definitely could not have held a conversation and my lungs were burning at the end of each run. Will look to take it down a notch on my next run.

7 Replies

Well done for starting MrWomble and such enthusiasm for going to Decathlon already :-)

Maybe you're too fast, maybe you're just getting used to it, you'll start to get to grips with it in the coming runs and weeks. I know I felt like there wasn't enough oxygen in the world that was going to help me at the beginning lol.

Keep going and you've got the right mindset to slow down if needed, never be afraid to go a bit slower.


Well done Mr. Womble. I completed this program a few years back but stopped i just completed week 1 run 1. Im excited to start over. It does gets easier as your body adjusts and you learn your limitations. Keep at it!


Welcome ! I love the Wombles - Wellington is my favourite. Great running music too. “Wombling in the Rain” is often highly relevant 😄


Welcome, you've made a great decision. Looks like you're a quick learner too.😉 Best advice: read up on technique and join the gang for encouragement.

I'm already jealous that you live near a Decathlon, they haven't reached the wilds of the west country yet. My son in Manchester has had lots of family visits from mum since I started running. 🤣

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Perhaps you should consider that a blessing, that place is terrible for my wallet! I must confess - I didn't just buy the shoes, I also bought some running gloves, a long-sleeved top and some cycling trousers (trying to do more of that too).

As they say - all the gear, no idea! 🤣


Thanks all for the warm welcome! It's encouraging to have such a nice, friendly bunch to talk to and to see other people struggling alongside - it helps you feel that you're not alone.


Welcome to the forum and well done on

getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Enjoy your journey.

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