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A real struggle

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I thought that by now it wound be getting easier. On Monday I missed my run because both my phone and charger were flat and by thr time they charged it was nearly bed time. The weather was awful last night and I had real difficulty making myself go. I knew though that if I used the weather as an excuse, that'd be it and I'd just give up. I was so pleased I went, although running for 3 minutes was hard, especially when tired and wet. I hope thr next runs get easier

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Well done on getting out there - keep going! In some ways I think the more you had to make yourself get out there, the prouder you can feel afterwards 😊


I feel the weather is an underrated adversary when running. Well done for getting out there in spite of it!


Yay... go you.

Really well done for getting out there and doing it.

Sounds like you might need to slow down a little. I thought I understood what that meant until I got to week 4, when it really sunk in.

Making sure you're drinking plenty on run days and rest days, really does make a big difference too!

Keep on getting out there, you're doing great.



Well done, getting out there in the wind and rain is really tough, but we'll worth it when you have finished!

Don't expect easier, I don't think I have found any run easy at all, nothing that is worth it is ever easy and change is always hard. But you will feel more able and stronger and more confident about what you can achieve.

Keep on going, you are doing well!

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