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W 1 R2

Boy was this difficult.

I did the same circuit as R1 but in the opposite direction because there was a steep hill near the end on the first route.

Obviously you start and finish at the same altitude, and the long, slow climbs were really difficult.

Managed to finish though and added a little to the route as I still had some time left.

Aching knees though and not relishing Friday (r3)

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I had a hill in my run yesterday (W1R1), so I tried to do the gentle slope as my uphill section and the ran downhill (which is still worse than running on the flat, I think) on the steep bit. I think running on the flat might be easier overall though.

I might have to try doing it the other way around tomorrow, see if you are right about a short climb and slow descent being easier.


hi there.. well i thought i would find the week 1 runs easy when i started and even thought about skipping it but i thought no i will do it proper... and it was harder than i thought it would be and like you i ended up with a hill at the end so added a bit more to the run so i finished just before it ... you say your knees are aching i had that in week 2 and bough some running trainers and i have had no problem since


Glad we get a day off between runs! My w1r2 included a mountain (ok, gentle slope) that had me panting like the dog. Both sitting back on the couch to recover now ...


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