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Can’t face week 6 run 3!


Hi this is my second year trying couch to 5k and last year I gave up when I got to week 6 run 3. This year I was really on a roll then have been on holiday for two weeks and after that back to work getting kids started at new schools I’ve still been running but can’t get past week 6 run 2. 25 minutes solid running scares me! Any tips or motivation?

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Hi, bless you I think we have all been there. My tip would be don’t think it’s 25 minutes just go with the broken down bits ie 5 min and keep saying to yourself that wasn’t so bad etc listen to your music and look around you, try and take your mind somewhere else. I always tell myself when it starts to hurt, I can do this I pop a grin on my face and chug on, a bit slowly but you will get there x

I totally agree with Twinkle, if I’m struggling. Say to myself, right I’ll keep going to that junction and & see, then I pick another feature to run to and so on. Next thing you know you’re practically done! I had to do that this morning with wk6 run2, the 2nd 10 minute run was murder but I managed it by doing this.

AnnieappleGraduate in reply to Thebluesmartie

Well done 👍 & encouraging advice

Twinkle9Graduate in reply to Thebluesmartie

Go blusmartie!! Well done you 😁👏👏


I haven’t even done the 20 min run yet but I know you mustn’t give up or be scared of this run. When you move into the run from your walk, slow right down & run at snails pace. Remind yourself that you are well prepared by the previous weeks & that you can do this..then concentrate on your music and not your running. Start planning a holiday of a lifetime or relive some happy memories. Each time your thoughts turn negative..say out loud...I can do this, I am well prepared & concentrate on the words of your music.. if you tense up, deliberately relax your shoulder slower ... keep going & you will do it!!!! Then you can tell us, and inspire us to be brave and go for it too!! Big hug!

Twinkle9Graduate in reply to Annieapple

Lovely!! If I can graduate anyone can!! You will all feel so proud of yourselves xx

Just go out and think if i have to walk a bit in the middle who cares? that’s what we did and found we did walk a few steps in the middle once or twice and kept doing it til we no longer needed that middle walk and it felt great

What I did was to say at the start "you've already done 20 minutes in w5r3 so you can do it again". Then when you get to 20 mins you say "I've done 5 minutes loads of times now, so I can do it again. Easy peasy ". That way a huge task looks like two eminently doable ones.


As everyone says, just go for it. You know you can run for 20 minutes already, you can do 5 minutes more....and if you find that you really can't and have to start walking? Hey, you still would have run and that's what matters. .. you won't know unless you try. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Good luck!

I no this sounds a bit strange but why not run somewhere different. Maybe go to the beach or a long stretch with things that can distract you from worrying about the 20 mins. You can do it.

AnnieappleGraduate in reply to Gray1974

Good idea 💡

Thanks everyone I feel inspired now! Loads of good hints and tips 😃


Hello n! I think you’re doing great! You’ve been given masses of great advice (Twinkle knows a thing or two!) and you know we’re all rooting for you - forget what happened last year, that’s done, and concentrate on the new you! If you need to do the run more than once, so be it - but you know you can smash it! Good luck and let us know how you get on!


Try not to stress over your run. Look how far you've came . Just go out go slow and slower again . You can do this 😊😊

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