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What is your week August week 4

Hello runners:)

Here we are again another week gone and still so changeable with the weather πŸ˜€.

So many of us running now and doing the most amazing things... This is a great pace to share your thoughts and your running plans with each other:)

I am running three times a week now and slowly getting back to..errr... speed ( ha ha )!

The number of folk on the forum is still increasing... we can hardly keep track! It s tricky to keep up with everyone's progress... it is great to have a little fun post, so we can see who is on which week of the programme, and hopefully it will help everyone to feel more included on the forum.

I apologise if I miss posts or replies, as there really are a lot of us!

We can support, encourage and generally help each other, in a positive and friendly way, with no thought of comparison.

Please remember it doesn't matter if you stay on the same week for a while, that is fine; it is a journey and it really doesn't matter how long it takes, it will be so worth it when you get to the final run.

If you have just Graduated, also, this will be a great place to keep you motivated,and the new Quest on here too...please do take a look and join in!

One of the best things about this weekly chat is that you can TALK to each other, support and encourage each other and find folk on the same week or run as you.

So, please do come and join the fun...slip off your running shoes, and just let us know how it is going :)

Please do, also, take extra care when running in the heat...and maybe check out the post on hydration.


Oldfloss, Realfoodieclub & Roseabi x

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Nothing much to report.. since graduating i've done 4 30min consolidation runs covering between 5.1 and 5.3k each time. So as i like goals, i want to hit 5.5k if i can. Still loving the runs which i guess is the main thing πŸ™‚. Will continue the 30 min runs for the next few weeks until after my holiday then maybe mix things up a bit.

Happy C25K everyone!


Week 3 run 3 planned for tomorrow. I’m really enjoying the program and can’t wait till I can consider myself a runner.


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