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First post holiday run

I arrived home around 4:30am on Thursday morning, woke up at 6am because that's when my body said it was time to wake up (it's not a water works problem, just my internal clock), try as I might I couldn't get up. Yesterday was another wash out as I'd not caught up on my sleep.

This morning was the polar opposite, my body must have known what the head was thinking and at 5:30am the internal alarm went off and I woke up.

I took a little longer heading for the treadmill this morning with not running for 2.5 weeks.

I also weighed myself, more which later.

To ease myself back in I selected week 5 run 3 and off I went. I initially started at my slow run pace and then increased slightly around half way through building up to 25% above slow pace by the end of the 20 minutes.

I had set myself a goal of getting either to or below 22 stone before my holiday but I missed it by 5-6lbs, to my surprise, I'm now below the 22 stone goal even though I've been on holiday (plenty of sun, sand, swimming and scuba) so that may account for the extra weight loss (but I did eat quite a lot of the sweat stuff at dinner!).

Happy to be back running and that I haven't damaged my weight loss progress too much if at all.

I should be back up to 30 minutes by next Friday as I'm not rushing.

Happy running every one.

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Well done you, and that water looks amazing. Hope you really enjoyed your holiday ๐Ÿ˜Š


The holiday was great thanks, much needed.


Ooh, jumping into blue water from the dive platform of a boat - my idea of heaven!! Happy running to you too LeeU!


Too true, I missed the running but loved the diving, the fact that I a. managed to get Mrs LeeU snorkelling in 12 meters of water and then b. out the next day on a try dive was also amazing.

She now get's it when I say to her that I can describe what it's like when I'm diving but I can't really explain what it's like when I'm diving, if you know what I mean?

She's now committed to starting the PADI certs next time we go to Egypt, which may be March/April next year (unless we can fit a week or 10 days in after I get back from Orlando for work in November).


Great result but looks like you got home to some serious flooding!!


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