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Still on track W2 R2 and taking it easy

So, this is a quick update to say thanks to everyone for the support you give to each of us when posting our journey and offering your insight... it's brilliant.

Just completed W2 R2 although I needed to get my head into...get out and do it before the rain...mode, and as soon as I put on the gear everything seemed to clock in into place. Funnily enough, I was doing the warm-up walk and a fit young athlete ran past at some which I thought...I don't need to be like that, I will be happy just jogging along...slowly.

And so it was, gentle encouragement from Laura and suddenly it was the warm down walk... which turned into 15 minutes as I'd forgotten to turn around halfway 🀣.

I'm sitting writing this feeling good and actually looking forward to the next run. Who'd have thought? Have a great day all!

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Just brilliant! Well done you. I run using the Japanese slow jogging technique and recently have been reading the book on it. One thing that leapt out - you use the same calories running 5k if you do it fast or slow - it’s the distance not the speed that counts! So we can happily plod along, without the risk of injury, knowing we’re getting all the benefits and none of the pain!

Here’s the film if you’re interested!


Thanks DiscoRunner, that's really useful to know about the calories burnt being distance not speed. The film is a real example of a very useful tool for keeping it slow and steady.

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