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You are all inspirational


Love reading everyone’s posts on here,everyone is different in fitness shape and size😊including me that is I’ve just been looking at when I started my couch to 5k it was over a year ago and I’ve stopped and started then think I can’t do this then get out there again and surprise myself😉my mam is in hospital at the minute so I jogged to see her last night😏she has vascular dementia but still knows me anyhow I told her I had jogged to see her but she misheard me and thought I had brought the dog to see her and she said dogs aren’t allowed in this house lol anyways sorry about the long post just wanted to make you all smile hopefully xxxxx

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Hey, don’t apologise about writing a long post - you should read mine! 😅😅

You’re right though, everyone on here is so different, but we’re all connected by our love of running. Isn’t it fab? ❤️

My mum has dementia too. She’s 94 and lives in a lovely care home. I can’t run to it though, it’s a 30 minute drive! I take my dog to see her all the time which all the residents like. Hope your mum is ok. I bet she’s happy to see you. ❤️

Bless her,my mam is 93 and has quite a few health problems the hospital is only a 20 minute walk 10 minutes if I jog lol and thank you ❤️❤️


I bet people don't see that often , someone jogging to the hospital best way to stay out if it. Anyway well done you and hope your mum is ok 😊

Iwtdttad in reply to Buddy34

Thank you,I was nearly in the bed next to her when I got there because it was so warm I was knackered lol😂


My mother has just been diagnosed with dementia, it's atypical, so very uncertain times for us all. Running is actually helping us both, we can you just focus on the moment, running/walking together. Like cheeky says, don't apologise, thank you.

Iwtdttad in reply to Hidden

Hope is all okay with your mam it’s an awful disease but I’m sure with her family around her and your support she will be in good hands good luck and happy healthy running to you x🏃‍♀️


Could have been worse... she could have misheard “I’ve just been jogging!” 🤣

There will be good and hard days with your mum, as I’m sure you know... enjoy and embrace those great moments. Great job getting the runs done with a lot going on... I hope the you time helps.

Iwtdttad in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you so much,haha I thought it was quite funny what she came out with and I do enjoy it once I’m in the flow 🏃‍♀️Still need to get my breathing right xx

Ahhhh bless you, I bet she was really pleased to see even without the dog! Well done on your jog to see her. And yes, we are all different, I think when I tell folk I run they must think" what!! YOU run, mwahahahah " but that could also be a misconception. I hope you enjoy many more jogs and lovely visits with your mum.xx

Iwtdttad in reply to Sputnik73

Thank you so much for your kind words and happy running to you also xx🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

What a brilliant way to get in a run. Those hospitals are lethally hot, aren’t they? 🥵 I used to be a nurse, so have good experience! I bet your mum was so pleased to see you, even though she was worried about you getting into trouble about the dogs! 😁

Thank you and yes it was a warm night I was dripping lol thank you again xx

Good for you jogging to the hospital! Tricky trying to cool down in such a warm place afterwards though! Sorry to hear your mum is in hospital & has dementia. Running is wonderful for your sanity and I hope it will help you through life's ups and downs as it did in similar circumstances and still does for me. 🙂

Thank you for your kind words again it does help me I have to force my self out the door sometimes but once I’ve done it I get such a sense of achievement good luck to you also xx🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

Nice story. Keep on keeping on...

Iwtdttad in reply to Lifluf

Thank you xx


Keep on going, running helps with life's ups and downs.

It's great that you visit her, hot and sweaty or not.


Lol, well you made me smile. My Nan is 92 with hearing aids, the amount of funny misunderstandings we have, if she can't remember something she says just Doodle it when she wants me to look on Google, even when it's something about her past that Google would know nothing about 😂 be fair she hasn't really a clue what it is! Glad you're still managing a run when you can and hope your Mum gets out of the hospital soon 👍🙂

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