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R3 W5 and Sneaker Question

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Like many of the posts I have read, I was dreading this run, and have put if off for a while, lots more practice at R2W5 needed I felt. But today I tackled it and it was OK, slow, very very slow but I did it. When Micheal said I could stop running I promptly burst into tears. I had built up this run as a sort of scary event/monster and the release at having finally done it was immense. I have read "trust the programme" numerous times, and it was never more true than for this run, so thank you all for the posts and advice, it all really helps.

On another note, I have a pair of Asics T855N sneakers, had them about 8 months but the last couple of runs it feels as if the support in the left shoe has gone and the ball of my foot is sore. How long are sneakers supposed to last? For the best part of £100 I was expecting longer. Do insoles work? Any advice would be great.

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Not too sure how long sneakers last, I would think the more you run in them, the shorter time they will last, anyway, congratulations to you for running run 3 of week 5, that is a milestone run with C25K, onwards and upwards to week 6 run 1 but be careful about that run as it catches out some people with the interval walks and runs after the non stop 20 minutes of W5R3 which you have just ran.

Having insoles in running shoes is essential.

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rubysmiles in reply to AlMorr

thank you, week 6 looks relatively tame compared to this run. Will explore getting some insoles.

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Congrats on the W5r3 - it is a mental challenge to be sure - but the programme works!

so glad you did it! Officially over half way now

Thank you. hadn't thought of it as bing over half way, not sure I can run without the soothing tones of Micheal Johnson.

First, a massive congratulations completing that run! I think that deserves a WHOO-HOO! a couple of these things 🎈🎆🎇maybe some more 🎉✨🎆🎇.. Outstanding. I hope your confidence is sky high because it should be, absolutely nothing stopping you now! You can run for 20 minutes!

As for your trainers, it's not really about time, it's how many miles you've done in them. They should last at least 300/400 miles.. I'll say this though, running is hard enough in comfortable trainers. So if they're causing discomfort i'd just get a new pair Ruby. 😕

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Thank you :) I am very pleased, and a little surprised, was thinking about doing the same run again just to make sure the first one wasn't a fluke. Might give insoles a go before getting new sneakers. I don't want to loose this momentum.

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Well done, hope you're feeling absolutely AWESOME now!

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rubysmiles in reply to Debston

Thank you, i do feel fab, so chuffed and so impressed with the programme.

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How much running have you done... a lot? I would not be very pleased if they had issues at this stage... ?

Some folk have insoles, many not... but are they still under guarantee...if the support has gone.. you need new shoes :(

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rubysmiles in reply to Oldfloss

I run about twice a week, about 6 miles I think in total which does not seem that much. Will give insoles a go first and see how i get on.

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OldflossAdministrator in reply to rubysmiles

Maybe check this post out first ..?


Congratulations! A milestone run just completed! 🎉🎉🎉

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Sneaker wear depends on a few things, the spec of the shoe and the mileage done in them are the biggest factors. Most running shoes will do 300-500 miles. I tend not to wear mine unless I’m running as I don’t want walking miles on them too.

Great job on that run... enjoy the next.

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