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Week 4 and first parkrun


My second attempt at C25K - hurt my knee first time round in January. Was using it to lose weight but our OH nurse in work told me I hurt myself because I was carrying too much weight!!!

Started again 4 weeks ago and have now gone further than last time.

Decided to add a parkrun to the mix to add some variety and managed it in 40:34 - not earth shattering but much quicker than I expected and I kept going throughout (though can’t pretend that all of the movement was running)

Hopefully will see improvement as I move through the C25K programme

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Well done firstly, I'm not a nurse so can't comment on what she said, I would say I am overweight too and struggled with knee pain after the first couple of weeks likely cause of my weight and also alot of drunken images in my younger days but knee supports helped big time and better shoes. Your back doing it again which is brilliant and the main thing. Well done on the park run too my first time was 52 minutes, which I ran some off with the week 2 programme which I did twice and walked the rest so 40 minutes is a brilliant time

kez31Graduate in reply to kez31

Injuries not images

WC8334Graduate in reply to kez31

I invested in better shoes and they have definitely helped


Great that you are back!

Some prople also use the sister forum to help weight loss


Remember the programme helps you build your running legs safely,but it can only do that if you stick to the plan. Better to avoid that injury couch .

WC8334Graduate in reply to Millsie-J

Very true


Well done, the parkrun community are like the people here, really encouraging and supportive of running. I was nervous before going “public” but needn’t have been and now I am pushing myself to puck up speed as well as keep the distance. But I was more than happy to follow this programme and run my own pace and it has ensured I stay running even as a mid 50s novice.


I was very nervous - afraid of embarrassing myself I suppose - but in reality everyone was very supportive

That's a fabulous time! That's not shabby at all! Never feel like you have to explain you did a bit of walking, there's nothing wrong with that at all. You're out there, moving and getting fitter every time!

Well done x

WC8334Graduate in reply to Fatgirlslim19

Thanks - for someone who hadn’t done serious exercise for 40 years it was a big step

Fatgirlslim19Graduate in reply to WC8334

And one you should be super proud of

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