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W5R3 DONE!!! If I can, anyone can!


You know what, I’m 36 am morbidly obese and have always watched on as so many friend and family have running successes.

I decided to do C25K to improve my health, my anxiety and see if I could prove myself and others wrong.

During Week 1 I just about managed to keep up with the runs and had to convince myself to go out but only after dark to avoid being seen!

Fast forward to week 5 and even with the storm raging and no longer caring if I’m seen, I couldn’t miss my weekend run! I’ve just got back from my W5R3 and have run for a continuous 20mins. How did that happen?

I might not be breaking any land speed records and I’m sure I can walk quicker than I run but I couldn’t be more proud of myself!

Well done to everyone pushing themselves with this program and to anyone thinking of starting out, if I can, anyone can! Go for it.

As I reward I’m going to buy myself a waterproof jacket. I may have run for 20mins but I’m soaked.

Any recommendations?

I’m looking forward to W6!

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Great job... you’re developing nicely... enjoy week 6.

Well done I’m at the end of week 1 and loving it



Well done you!


Brilliant!! Well done you - fantastic milestone. You ran for TWENTY minutes!!! It’s so amazing isn’t it?! x

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Thank you. Yes it is amazing and the great thing was I felt I could have continued.


You go girl!


WHOO-HOO! 😄 🎉🎇🎈 And you did it in this weather!? I can't believe you guys are out in this.. I walked outside and I was overtaken by a wheelie bin... I walked straight back inside.

Well done! Fantastic stuff. 👏

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Thank you.

There was a break in the worst of the storm so I took my chance as it just wanted this run done.

As crazy as it sounds it was enjoyable. 🤣


Amazing!!!!! As for a jacket, the Karrimor hiviz ones are widely available, inexpensive and have a couple of pockets for stuff like keys and phone.

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Thank you. I will check it out.


Can advise on a jacket but just wanted to say well done. 💫🥇


Well done Emlist - feels great doesn’t it?!

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Like I could take on anything!


Well done 👏👏👏

Well done, having just completed I would say trust the programme, there are some big step ups in the next weeks but if you follow the programme and keep the same pace, the struggle is with your head not your legs.

As a 54 year old I paid my 16 year old godson to do the first run of the week with me, pride kept me going and the run was GOOD for his GCSE revision.

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Thank you.

Well done on completely the course. I’m sure your godson will be proud to run with you now. x

No, he will still expect money! Yoof of today! Thanks for the thumbs up.

Well done!! I’m a fellow Cheshire Cat, now stalking the South Downs. I have a few years on you and have just done W5R2 this evening. Phew 😅!I’ve had slight colly-wobbles about the next run (20 continuous minutes !!!) but your post has made me feel better about the dreaded W5R3. Thank you 😊

Hi Emliat29 really enjoy reading your posts! So inspiring, we were on the same runs some weeks ago but you zoomed ahead as I had holidays and a break from running! I’m back on it now. What run are you on and how are you finding it x

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Hey. Thank you.

Yesterday I completed W6r1. After week 5’s 20 min run it’s like I now know I can do it so I just enjoyed the run!

I still find it hard to believe that I’m running for longer than 1 minute.

I’m still at a snails pace but at least I can only speed up!

How’re you getting on?

Ah wow! That’s super ace! So I finished W4R3 today and will do W5R1 on Sunday! I am so pumped for a new week and I know exactly what you mean about running for longer than 1 minute albeit “slow” running. I am loving this journey and I don’t want it to end.

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I think week 4 was my turning point.

I know what you mean about not wanting it to end, I’m going to really miss Micheal Johnson when I finish.

Enjoy week 5.

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