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Feel like I am cheating


Does anyone else do a slow jog. I feel like I am cheating

I am 19 &1/2 stone and my shins feel like they will explode when I go a bit faster

I have just started weak two

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Hi Tony4375. Slow is the recommended pace for C25K. I am 20st5lb (was 22st when I started) and have just completed W7 by running slowly. Congratulations on making it to W2.


Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5... and explains the recommended easy conversational pace........a gentle jog.

You are rare in that you are not going too fast.

Pay attention to the advice about minimising impact...... especially useful for those carrying extra weight.

Enjoy your journey.


Hi Tony4375, first of all congrats for getting off that couch and getting through week 1🎈🎈The message is slow slow slow. Jogging is a different movement to walking and believe me when I say my brisk walk was quicker lol. But you are using muscles that you don’t use when walking. So keep at it. Don’t concern yourself with speed or distance just enjoy it and slap yourself on the back( and a virtual one from me) every time you get out there. Remember onwards and upwards!


Cheating? You are one of the few people who is getting it right from the start!


Slow and steady wins the race- keep going as slow as you like!


You are definitely not cheating. Slow jogging is absolutely right. Slow and then slower still is the recommended pace for us all on C25K. It will lessen the impact on knees and your sore shins will be happier shins with a slower pace.

You are doing it exactly right just as you are. Enjoy Wk2 😊

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