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Ready to get back in shape

Hi all,

I am hoping to find and provide some virtual support in the 5K challenge. A while ago I started this but gave up very quickly and would really like to get back in shape!

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You can do it mamamia. Take it steady and stick at it. It gets easier, in fact it actually becomes enjoyable. Good luck.


You know what, before I started I would have laughed at the though if “enjoying it” but you know what I actually have started to. More so the after feeling of I actually did it. You’d be surprised at how much you can push yourself . You’ll do great! I’m currently about to embark on week 6 and thought I would’ve had to restart a week but fingers crossed not yet.


Welcome to the forum.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

Enjoy your journey.


You can do it! It’s always hard to start but if you’re determined you can certainly graduate! I started the plan in October last year not long after having my second child but didn’t change my eating much at all, so didn’t lose much of anything weight wise but as the weather has gotten better my eating has too and I’m steadily losing 2lb a week of the baby weight! Good luck! You can get in shape with this plan 👍🏻


You’ve done the hard part already which is having the mindset to do it. Mind over matter is key at the start! Your legs will eventually do what you tell them to do. You will do it. I’m heading out now myself - you too?


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