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Any tips for stretching?

Hola fellow runners! I am just about to start week 3 in a few hours time. But first I was wondering if any of you follow any specific stretching regimens before your runs? Something that is simple and requires no equipment?

I used to once go to a gym that had a kind of rocking chair that was excellent for stretching. But my gym here in Highbury has no such thing.

Any tips would be most welcome.

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My suggestion would be don't. So far as I've read it's pretty much a 50:50 split of those that stretch pre run and those that don't, but the not stretching brigade make sense to me.

Streatching cold muscles won't warm them up, your warm up does that. Brisk walk in the case of C25K. A gentle stretch after a run can be useful. But I really see stretching as another exercise all together. Warm up first, do your stretches, cool down.


I still don't particularly stretch prior to my runs just my calves and shins to loosen them up a bit as I am historically slightly troubled by them.

I take a five minute or so acceleration from a slow walk to a light jog before starting the timer, once I feel a light "glow" about me I figure I am warmed up.


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