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One run to go before Graduation

So pleased to have done this and running more than I have in years but something really wierd, get to W9 and then on the two runs I’ve done I’ve got blisters in the same place on each foot ! Never had them, haven’t changed the kit, so can only think it’s how tight I’ve done my laces  ‽  Or is it something else ?

Ps, it’s great to read the posts from others to keep the morale going.

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it could be that your feet have reached the duration of abrasion that they can handle. Blisters are commonly caused by movement of the foot within the shoe, creating friction.

I have always worn running socks which have extra thicknesses of fabric at contact points to reduce the likelihood of blisters and have never had one on my feet.............actually not since I was a teenager in a dim and distant century.

There are various blister remedies available if you do a search......but I have never used them.

Take care.


Thank for the advice. I wear the padded socks too for the same reason which is making it seem even more strange. They’re not even small blisters, about 20mm long and 10mm wise.

When I got the first one on the the first run of W9 I put it down to maybe a seam on the sock in the wrong place and I tightened my laces but more then usual. Then on the second run I got them again on both feet, strangely I loosened the laces a bit to stop the same happening from the first run.

I do a couple of long walks every week between 12-15km each walk and never had blisters off those either.

I’ll get to the local pharmacy, a chance to test out my Spanish speaking, and see what I can get.

Cheers 🍻


Has the weather changed? Got warmer maybe. In any case you've increased your mileage.

Running socks tend to be thin and stretchy so they act more like a second skin. Decathlon do some good ones for not much dinero.

If the problem persists you'll find two thin socks much better than one padded one.


Thanks, I’m going to have a go at that and see if it helps, anything is worth a try as I intend to up the distances and move up to the 10km and who knows, maybe beyond and up to the 21km Half Marathon.


Somethings obviously changed don't now what hope you get it sorted also what a great view in your photo 😊



Fortunately that’s the views I have on every run as I live on the coast.

Great incentive to get out and run, breathe clean air, and take your mind off the aching limbs.

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