Couch to 5K

Starting Week 4 today...eeeek!

I'm starting to actually look forward to my runs now but I'm apprehensive of this week. Before I started this programme the most I could run before walking was 5mins so I haven't found the first 3 weeks too challenging but I think from now on it will be more tough.

I'm training for a 5k race which is 9 weeks away so fingers crossed I can complete the programme by then, even if I have to repeat a few weeks!

My knee was hurting slightly after run 3 of week 3 but it seems ok now...might have to do some stretching before my run tonight in case.

Will report back after my run later :-)

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when I started the most I could run was 1min40seconds & hadnt run for anything other than a bus, or after the kids for at least 25 years! If you have managed the first 3 weeks ok I cant see any reason why you will have any problems with the next 6 weeks.

if knees are hurting & you havent bought new trainers then now is the time :)

occasionally my knee hurts & I just pop one of those stretchy bandages over it. this gives some support but also warms up my knee a little bit more than the walking warmup. & stretching really can make a difference, especially once you get to the longer runs.

take it easy as the runs get longer & you will fly through.

good luck X


Thank you for the encouragement and advice! I know I can do it, I just need to shut up that little voice in my head. :-)

My trainers are relatively new, might try a bandage if it starts to play up again. I run on the pavement at the moment and I know that can be bad for knees so might try walking over to the park and running on grass.



I had to postpone my run last night because my friend surprised me after work by offering to cook dinner...some wine and pancakes were consumed! I was far too full to go out running afterwards.

Then my boyfriend woke me up at 5am drunk (oh dear) so I just got up and went out for my run. It felt great being up that early since I can never usually drag myself out of bed!

The run itself was pretty good, I didn't think I would be able to finish that last 5mins and I did have to slow my pace right down but I finished it! I was so proud of myself :-)

My knee and one side of my back (on the right side) are sore. I think I may be turning that foot out to the right when I run instead of landing straight and it's twisting my body. Does anyone else have this problem?

Looking forward to my next run on Friday.


Have you had a gait analysis done? Although they can be a faff and a bit intimidating, it could resolve your knee problems by wearing the right type of shoes for you.

Oh and WELL DONE! Week 4 was challenging for me, but I was really proud of myself when I did all the runs and felt good afterwards (rather than half dead)


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