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Quadruple layers!

Blimey, it's cold. Quadruple layers, including a thermal vest, zip-up jacket, hat and gloves and I was STILL cold. And...does the cold weather make it harder, or am I just looking for excuses?? Struggled today :-(

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Nice and warm by the end worth it though!

I think when it’s sunny it’s ok even if cold but grey days are tougher definitely!

Good luck !


I was out last night in freezing conditions. Two upper layers plus a wind proof/water proof running jacket. And I wore shorts.

It was cold, very cold. Breathing in the icy air was the hardest. But I was doing 5K interval training and got pretty warm pretty fast.



Oh my... I’ve just gone to long sleeved top with short sleeves over and still in shorts 😂. It is harder in the cold for sure... but running in it will make you a better runner come spring. Struggling is ok... makes you use that mental strength and get to that finish line, setting you up even better for that next start line. Great job.


Only 2 layers for me but first time I’ve done a whole run without ending up with my running jacket tied round my waist 🥶


I don't mind the cold... still running in just a thin top and trackies. But I did put on gloves! :)


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