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Week one run one in the bag!!


It was painful, I thought I was gonna gasp a lung up and my mouth was so dry I thought my tongue was gonna crumble but I did it!! It was so cold I thought my ears had frost bite so am gonna wear a beanie hat on Wednesday. My breathing isn’t very controlled so I need to work on that and I need to look up how to stretch afterwards... but all in all I feel a great sense of achievement! Loved the bell halfway round and I recognised it cos of a comment from on here so thanks for that! Ooh and I also need to work our how to get some music to play with the app. Thanks for alll your support - I just hope My rest day tomorrow isn’t too painful! Xxx

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Well done you! Music makes a huge difference. My daughter made me a running playlist with lots of upbeat songs. I’m running with a friend in the morning for the first time. I’m really looking forward to it. Good luck!


Well done, and welcome ! If your legs are aching and your breathing is less breathing, more gasping, you’re almost certainly going too fast. Take it slow and steady - embrace your inner snail, as they say here - and enjoy your journey x


Here are the stretches from the article in the FAQ about getting started nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/h.... Hope that helps 😊


Welcome and well done... just look at that euphoria in your picture! That’s gonna grow much bigger. Enjoy your journey



For music, which I find really helpful, you just use your normal music app, and the C25K app will cut in over the top of it.

I use Apple Music and have a running playlist which I use for most of my runs, because I know what music will motivate me to continue when the legs are screaming stop!

Good luck!

If you start your music before you start the app then it will just turn the music down automatically while the trainer talks and put the volume back up afterwards.

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Thanks so much! Did this this morning and it made a huge difference x

Huge well done for getting out! I found the first week the hardest as it's such a shock to the system. After that it's all surprisingly doable!


Congratulations, most of us have been the same when we started. My kids thought I was having a heart attack 😆 now they know when I'm on a new week as I'm worn out at the end but no more feeling like I'm passing out.

Get yourself a foam roller for after the run.follow instructions and watch YouTube for advice.I use one after a run and makes your legs feel renewed again.Hardly notice I've ran the day after.Makes a massive difference in recovery time.good luck.

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That’s a great tip thx

Awesome advice! My middle son has one as he’s a fitness fanatic so I’ll borrow it!

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