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Couch to 5K
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Hi new on here today

Hi everyone I’m new on here today and did my very first run on the couch to 5k yesterday, I used to love running all the time but then I had my little baby and seemed to let my self go! Thursday I started running again for my first time in a few years and every night since I have been going out for a run! I’ve been trying to eat healthy but am struggling abit, does anyone know any good foods?

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Welcome to the forum and well done on getting started.

This guide to the plan is essential reading healthunlocked.com/couchto5...

Enjoy your journey.


Congrats on starting running again. The guide is well worth a read. Running every night may be a quick way to injury though and at the very least you want to be careful you don't put yourself off after the initial euphoria.

With regards to food.. there are few bad foods other than alcohol. It's just quantity that's the killer :) If you want more specific advice you will need to provide a lot more detail to your query.

Good luck :0)


Thank you and I know but I only go out for around 20 minutes each day just to make my self feel a bit better nothing heavy.

I know quantity is a killer lol but luckily I don’t drink alcohol so that one positive. Really I just wanted some ideas on meals that everyone else eats that’s good for you as I just seem to eat the same sort of thing week in week out, wanted to change it up a bit.


The advice you will receive here will generally favour extreme caution as this is a forum for new runners of varying fitness levels. But your an adult, so of course you get to make your own judgement calls. It does take a good while to build the running physique to a level where you can run routinely and recover enough within 24 hours to run again and thats based on controlling the type of running done on each day. Of course I'd expect you to get away with it in general, the micro tears mentioned are cumulative, you could run every day for a month and be ok and then bam it hits you and a calf tears or a hamstring goes.. it happens all the time and is almost guaranteed to happen to most runners. Hence the cautions..

But as said your an adult, just just be kind to yourself and don't repeat every day too much, ie do have some down times.

With regards to diet, I personally like joe wicks lean in 15 books as he has loads of health oriented recipes in there that are varied and easy to make in "15" mins. Plus the approach he is peddling is a common sense one and doesn't follow any diet extremes.

My biggest diet tip though(and i have lost 3.5st) is to eat mindfully, ie move to simply thinking about what your eating, learning a bit more about macronutrients and trying to cook more of it yourself.

Have fun :)

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Thank you and I sure will have a rest day as I didn’t think about it in the long run like you’ve just stated.

Thank you for your tips and well done on loosing the weight!

I’ll be having a look into those books to see what they’re like!

Thank you for your replies they have been really helpful!


Well done getting started again. It's hard after a few years off. Don't neglect the rest days though - they're what build you up. Good food is anything cooked from scratch. Don't eat anything with more than 5 ingredients on the packet and avoid as much sugar as you can. Follow that, and all food is good.


Thank you


Hi im doing the c25k along side slimming world. Theres loads of Facebook pages were u dont need to be a member of sw but can see recipe ideas. And all very healthy.

Im new to only one wk1,run3 as ive only go 2 spare slots a week to run with work and the kids clubs. Hope u find some fab ideas xxx


Thank you and I’ll definitely have a look x


Glad to hear you have a busy life like me I sometimes find it hard to fit in 3 runs a week hence this is my third attempt hope fully I will complete I will look out for slimming world recipes like to eat healthy good luck with your journey I’m on wk2 run 2


Thank you and good luck to you too!


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