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W2R1 done! Not gonna lie - it was hard - and as soon as I’d finished, the heavens opened! I had about a mile’s walk home and it was freezing, so didn’t feel that ‘buzz’ until I’d got home, had a shower and warmed up. For various reasons, I probably won’t be able to do another run until Sunday, so will need to draw on all my positivity when I do it. On the other hand, maybe the length of time between runs will dim my memory a bit - like childbirth ha ha.

On another point, does anyone else worry that they are running flat footed? I’ve looked at running style videos on YouTube, but worry that my steps sound a bit... ‘stompy’. I tried to alter the way my feet strike the ground today, but found it quite hard - does this get easier as you get more used to running? Any tips?

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Well done you... many folk tend to thump down a bit in the early days...I think it is intense concentration .. and we do have a tendency to hold ourselves tensely too... Try to relax and land lightly... I call it... kissing the ground with your feet. Sounds daft..but if you try it..it works..I still remind myself to do it on occasions:)

Very well done... I hope you are all snuggy warm now and with a glow of satisfaction:)


Great job... I got wet during the run today... isn’t it great, we used to sit on the couch and now we are out there running and walking in it? A couple of days before your next run won’t hurt... enjoy Sunday.


I'm definitely running flat footed on the first bit of each run... then I get a little better during the middle and back to flat footed at the end. For me it's a bit of a combination of lack of strength and lack of skill. However, I do find that concentrating on trying to run lighter actually helps the time go quicker. :)

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