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Had a fall

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This morning on W5R2 had a fall early on as tripped on a bollard that had fallen over. They make these things so bright so you can’t miss them apart from the feet. The feet are black 😀. Anyways anyone else had a fall whilst running? How did you react? I was very close to just walking home. However I managed to pick myself up, walked it off and then finished the run. Proud of myself if I’m honest. Although got a couple of lovely scrapes down my arm and knee 😞.

3 Replies
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I think a couple of others have had a fall - it is mostly pride! the faster you get out of there the better - so keep going!

It was 6 in the morning so literally no one around thankfully πŸ™‚

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It's like falling off a horse - get back up and carry on .... and hope no-one saw you!!

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