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Embarrassing question 🙈

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Feeling slightly embarrassed asking this question... 🙈

I'm on week 5. When I start running, I sometimes have to stop for a loo break. Normally shortly after I started running. I've tried going before I run but doesn't seem to work.

1. Is it normal?

2. Any suggestions?

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Congratulations on reaching week 5 of C25K Jabes 1216, yes. the 20 minutes of run 3 isn't to far away for you now. A few runners have reported on the same issue as you have, don't drink anything less than a hour before a run, hopefully you won't have to stop, especially with run 3 of week 5.

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Hi. Well done for getting to week 5. Not long to go now.

Yep I have similar problems sometimes. You havent said what type of loo break 😱 but runners trots can b quite comments. Sorry don't really have any tips apart form going before u set up off which u r doing.

Good luck

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Very normal. Ever tried a trampoline as an adult? 🤣🤣

We're basically picking our bodies up and giving them a good ol shake about... stuff is gonna fall out 🤣🤣🤣

All I think we can do is develop good routines that work for us. I found working all those muscles involved helps along with making sure bladder etc are really empty prior to going out rather than a quick rushed stop that only takes the pressure off. 👍

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Jell6Graduate in reply to GoGo_JoJo

That has conjured up images that I may struggle to un see!🤣🤣🤣🤣

If it’s logs we are talking, then coffee seems to break the dam.

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Either way you need to look at what you are taking in before you run.

If we are talking about fluid then look at your hydration. Some people think they can counter bad general hydration by drinking large amount shortly before a run. All this acheives is a lot of water in the stomach.

Drink plenty every day (2-3 litres) whether you are exercising or not. Your body will get used to this and there is then no need to top up with water just before a run.

If it your bowels that is the problem look at what you are eating and drinking. Coffee has already been mentioned, but there are many more. Personally I don't usually eat anything prior to running, as I run early morning. I am able to run around 10 miles or so without the need for food or water on the run. I appreciate we are all different in this though, so you need to tinker to find what works for you.

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I think it is perfectly normal - I am 59 and have had 2 children so nothing works perfectly any more!! You don't say if you are male or female..

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Jabes1216 in reply to mafee

Male, 42

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I agree with mafee: if you are a female it’s quite usual to have some sort of weakness of the pelvic floor.

I had some problems like you...a few times I had to come back home to use the loo and once (only once!😉) I hid myself among the trees in the open countryside. What a shame😱

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Im a 56 yr old woman and I have had the same problem with both bladder and bowel ( sorry tmi) and it became progressively difficult with the longer 20+ minute runs !! I now wear incontinence / Tena lady pads !!! Perhaps some might think this is a bit of a drastic measure, (and not everybody’s solution for sure) but who cares or even knows .. I’m really happy and don’t worry about a thing when Im running now, and I’m almost about to complete W9 !! Don’t let it stop you or make you unnecessarily anxious ... it’s perfectly normal , it’s just that people don’t like to talk about it ! Good luck .

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